Adrian Grenier Doesn’t Need Pickup Lines for Lindsay Lohan

YO! ADRIAN! Grenier, Lohan (Photos: Getty Images)

Entourage star Adrian Grenier sure has moved on quickly after striking out with a young lass on the Lower East Side. According to the 100 percent accurate, bet-your-life-on-it gospel of Perez Hilton, the oily-haired “documentary” filmmaker is now dating Capri town-bicycle Lindsay Lohan.

According to Perez, the two have been “talking” a lot, and yesterday even ventured out on a date to the Beverly Hills Hotel. “No paparazzi,” his source says. “Since they’re relationship is new, they wanna keep things as private as possible.”

Grenier and Lohan started hanging out over Christmas, right around the time his heartfelt advances went unreturned at a holiday party in New York, but before he canvased Miami trying to source a threesome on New Year’s Eve. Who knew true love could blossom under such trying circumstances!

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