First Pimp C, Now Heath Ledger


Admittedly, it’s tough to find a new angle in the well-trodden Heath Ledger “accidental overdose” news; even with the new M.E.’s report, it’s a story only slightly less trite than Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins. Here at Radar, we added our little haypenny of originality by subtly comparing the death—the ruling as to cause, really—to Anna Nicole Smith’s accidental OD. But over at the New York TimesThe Lede, their reach goes way deeper.

“A Celebrity Death Linked to Prescriptions,” states the headline. Heath, mind you, is the second, and the first isn’t Anna Nicole. It’s Pimp C (born Chad Butler), one of those spectacularly unpolished gems of Southern hip-hop that Times critic Kelefa Sanneh specializes in unearthing. Butler died Dec. 4 at age 33—from Sizzurp. Purple drank. Cough syrup.

Touché, Lede blog.

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