Poor, Abused Obama Needs Your Cash to Prevent Future Debate Bullying


“How much money will Obama raise off his supporters’ perception that this debate was unfair?” Politico <a href="
http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0408/Spin_me_Philly_II_edition.html” target=”_Blank”>asked after last night’s debate. It’s too early to tell, but per the e-mail Barack’s campaign manager David Pluoffe sent out to supporters afterward, the junior Senator from Illinois is hoping to rake it in $100 at a time:

E-mail subject: Gotcha

[Redacted] —

Did you see the debate last night?

If you did, you saw more gotcha politics and distractions than questions about the pressing issues affecting our country.

In fact, it took more than 45 minutes before Barack was asked about the economy, health care, or foreign policy.

[The rest of the e-mail, after the jump]

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