Dissecting the ‘Curse of the Babe’


As New York celebrates and New England struggles to make sense of the Giants’ surprise Super Bowl victory, theories have surfaced. The most, dare we say, attractive one: the Curse of the Babe—or in the case of some players, Babes.

Did Tom Brady‘s Superbowl performance suffer at the hands (and other sensual touches) of his main-babe Gisele? Had his athletic prowess gone not to his head, but literally out of that the other, smaller head when it came time for the big game? And, what of other losing babe-ballers before Brady, like Jessica Simpson love-interest Tony Romo?

To see if there might be any truth to the matter, we sought an expert on the male member. Here we chat with Dr. Mike Russo, a Super Bowl watcher and a veteran urologist who’s been specializing in the family jewels for over 35 years …

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