Winehouse: Face Down, Ass Up


Don’t go changin’ (really!): Devoted dust cropper Amy Winehouse, perhaps anticipating her Grammy winks, drops a little trou and maneuvers out of her skinny jeans in front of a few eager paps before hitting the town. Victoria’s Secret! Can we get the dear a new bra?

Trouble in the ranks: MTV Networks freelancers, fired up over their new benefits issues, are planning a walk out for Monday afternoon, claiming that they don’t intend to just “suck it up and deal.” Carson Daly plans to beat back the revolt.

Snow day: The Coast Guard is reporting the seizure of a record 355,000 pounds of cocaine in the last calendar year. With a street value of roughly $4.7 billion, that’d be just enough to fund a few extra weeks of war in Iraq.

Dow’ under: Dow Jones CEO Richard Zannino calls it quits just a week before the inevitable move-in of bossy Aussie Rupert Murdoch.

Crime and punishment: New Jersey will likely outlaw the death penalty next week—but unlike The Sopranos which served up a reliable dose of weekly whacks, Jersey’s capital punishment will cut to black without having executed a single criminal since 1963.

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