A Hell of A Marriage

WAR IS OVER Manson and Von Teese

Never tease a teaser: Dita Von Teese (whom you may know from our breast feature ever) has filed for divorce from Marilyn Manson. It’s sad that even praying to Satan can’t save your marriage.

She removed the wrong superfluous, infected organ: Lindsay Lohan is doing just fine after having her appendix removed. “All is well,” mom and full-time enabler Dina Lohan told Star.

Bad girl, drunk by six: Britney Spears to fans: Don’t give up on me, baby.

D-list key party!: Travis Barker‘s ex (maybe?) Shanna Moekler is now hooking up with Jenna Jameson‘s soon-to-be ex, Jay Grdina. But who gets the top bunk on next season’s Surreal Life?

Do you like me? Check ‘Y’ for Yes…: Pam Anderson wants to totally, like, get mature about her relationship and stuff.

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