14-Year-Old Punks Rock the Hamptons


Put your lighters in the air for the latest entrants in the never-ending nepotism derby: 14-year-old Forrest Gray, son of the late monologist and actor Spalding Gray, and his band Too Busy Being Bored. Apparently, they won a battle of the bands and have quite the following in those fertile punk rock breeding grounds, the Hamptons. According to a source who spoke to the New York Post‘s Page Six, noted music authority Christie Brinkley (the former Mrs. Billy Freakin’ Joel!) said that attending one of their shows is “like being at an early Strokes concert.”

A quick peek at the MySpace page for Too Busy Being Bored—TBBB to fans—reveals that their sound is less Strokes than, in their own Tenacious-D-ish words, “God and an angel doing it!” On their Local Band Network page the band describes itself more modestly as “a punk band consisting of 6 friends from Sag Harbor, NY … TBBB is focused and serious about our music—all songs are original.”

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