$125M Listing Ties Trump for Price

YOUR OWN VERSAILLES 350 N. Carolwood Drive, Suzanne Saperstein (inset)

Everything’s bigger in Texas. And when Lone Star State traffic report mogul David Saperstein and his couture-loving wife, Suzanne, moved to Bel Air, California, they brought a little bit of Texas with them. And a little bit of Paris, too.

Their five-acre palace, dubbed Fleur de Lys, is modeled after Versailles and took five years to build (it was finished in 2002). Five years later, after rumors that David was caught fooling around with the nanny, Suzanne got the house in a divorce settlement rumored to be worth $1 billion.

Apparently, 45,000-square-feet harbor a lot of bad memories: Suzanne just put the place on the market for $125 million.

[More pics of the palace after the jump!]

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