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J.Lo’s $6 Million Milestone

Skeletal songbird MarcAnthony was so relieved—and maybe amazed-—that his marriageto twice-divorced megadiva Jennifer Lopez lasted a whole year that he blew awhopping $6 million celebrating their June 5th anniversary. As has beenreported, Anthony, 36, officially bejewled his 35-year-old bride with a $1 million8.5-carat diamond ring from L.A. jewelers Neil Lane on the big day. Butwe’re told that the night before their anniversary he also socked her with ablue 14.5-carat, brilliant-cut diamond ring on a platinum band valued at morethan $5 million—a gift so extravagant it may finally get her banned from the block. Lopez herself got off cheap by comparison: wehear she gave her hubby a measly $50,000 white Lotus sportscar. Anthony’srep, Fran DeFeo, could not provide any information about thegifts or the anniversary, and Lopez’s publicist could not be reached forcomment by press time.

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