Graydon Carter’s March on Paris

Vanity Fair staffers, under the impression that they work for a high-minded publication, are steamed over editor Graydon Carter’s reported choice of Paris Hilton for the September issue’s cover, we hear. “Graydon is obsessed–obsessed–with her and has been dying to put her on the cover for a long time,” says one Hollywood insider.

But top editors at the glossy–many of whom wanted Beyoncé for the coveted slot–feel Hilton isn’t VF cover material, and certainly not worthy of a fawning 5,000-word profile. A source who has seen a mock-up of the Hilton cover complains that “it makes Vanity Fair look like FHM” (or, even–gulpRadar?).

“You can only print ‘That’s Hot’ so many times,” complains the source. Carter, who’s besotted with the porn-star-turned-fast-food-pitchwoman, couldn’t care less. “He invites her to the Oscar party every year and just nuzzles up to her,” the source notes. “He doesn’t care about Julia Roberts or Cameron Diaz–he thinks Paris is the fluffy epitome of what VF is all about. Graydon also loves the fact that she’s a skank and isn’t embarrassed about it.” Write what you know!

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