Gotti vs. Gastineau

Maniacal mob princess–turned–TV train wreck Victoria Gotti is itching to whack fellow cable eyesore LisaGastineau—across the face, at least. Already irritated that Gastineauhijacked her tawdry mother/slutty child reality “concept” forE!’s Gastineau Girls, (the Daily News called it “alow mark for reality TV”), Gotti became furious when Gastineau began usingher onetime relationship with Gotti’s dead dad to promote herself and theshow. (An image of the Dapper Don appeared on the first Gastineau Girlsepisode, while the announcer declared that they had “hooked up.”)Gastineau, a former model and ex-wife of New York Jets legend Mark Gastineau,was John Gotti’s last girlfriend, though Victoria has always been indenial on that point. (She declined to offer any comment on the brewing feud.)It’s a good thing the Gambino family is in shambles, or Gastineau mightfind that her next pair of Cavalli boots is made of cement.

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