Scorsese Gets Jacked

When Jack Nicholson finishedfilming his role in The Departed, MartinScorsese’s upcoming gangster movie, we hear his fellow cast and crew members breathed a collective sigh of relief. While various publications have reported the actor’s constant clowning and tinkering with the script, on-setomerta kept the true extent of Nicholson’s bizarro behaviorunder wraps until now.

In fact, studio sources say Nicholson went way beyondmaking occasional changes to the script, and would actually rewrite eachday’s shoot—to the point where Scorsese was forced to shoot the actor’s doctored script before shooting his own versionjust to keep Nicholson happy.

But Scorsese wasn’t the only one subject to Nicholson’s eccentric rule, we hear. While filming in Boston, the notorious Lakers superfan bannedall Celtics merchandise from the premises, a top-level production source says.“If he caught anyone wearing a Celtics T-shirt, he’d literally shutdown the set. It was no joke,” says the source.

Despite his mercurial daytime manner, we hear the hard-partying 68-year-old still let it rip after dark, leaving his much younger co-stars in the dust as usual.

Asked about Nicholson’santics, his agent, Sandy Bresler, said, “I have no idea.I wasn’t there,” and referred further questions to Scorsese’spublicist, who did not return phone calls or e-mails by press time.

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