Publicist to Rove: Hang it Up

Image-wise, ex-Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove isn’t going to have an easy year. Now that he has departed the White House, rollie-bags in tow, he is going to have to look for a new campaign to jumpstart and mastermind all the way to the Oval Office. Problem is, he mucked up this one so bad he might never bounce back—when it comes to crisis management, it’s one thing to snort some coke and go on a bender in an Escalade, but it’s entirely another to plant troops in Iraq and shadily help to fire eight U.S. attorneys. Sometimes, there are stains so big that even a PR whiz can’t get them out.

But never fear, Karl, because we called in the best. Not only does Matthew Traub, a big deal at Dan Klores Communications, represent corporations and Hollywood big wigs now, he spent 10-plus years working on D.C. campaigns and practicing the fine art of spin on Capitol Hill.

After the jump, Traub’s suggestions (and slaps on the wrist) for Rove, assuming anyone wishes that Karl rise yet again to “architect” status.

Karl Rove, you’re in the PR/ER!

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