Miller Time for Stephen Dorff

Pneumatic pinup Pamela Anderson may have leftStephen Dorff for more tattooed pastures, but sources say thefast-moving actor has already found comfort in the arms of an heiress,Alexandra Miller von Furstenberg.

According to West Coast spies, the couple was seen enjoying a romantic dinnerlast week at the Tower Bar at L.A.’s Argyle Hotel, then continuing arm inarm to a beach party where they were “all over each other” for therest of the night.

Some discriminating celeb watchers may marvel at the union. After all, the32-year-old socialite is a daughter of billionaire duty-free magnateRobert W. Miller and was a royal until her 2003 divorcefrom Alexandre von Furstenberg (son of Diane and Prince Egonvon Furstenberg). But we hear Dorff, whose oeuvre includes the 1996 filmSpace Truckers, is “smitten with Alexandra” and is hopingto bridge the gap between their respective milieux.

In other words, says our source, “Stephen knows this is a step up. Thisblonde has something the last trashy blonde never will: billions of dollars andsocial standing.” Best of all Dorff, who likes to hobnob with the OldHollywood set, will finally have a classy chick to accessorize with. A publicistfor the actor declined to comment, and von Furstenberg could not be reached bypress time.

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