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Memoirs of a ‘Gay American’

Ex-New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey’s embarrassing downfall hasdriven the disgraced politico into the arms of publisher Judith Regan. Wehear McGreevey, who became the first out governor in U.S. history withthe words “I am a gay American,” is in the final stages ofnegotiating a mid-six figure deal with her imprint, Regan Books, to tell hisside of the scandal surrounding his resignation last November.

It will be especially interesting to hear what McGreevey has to say aboutreports that it was his former homeland security aide GolanCipel’s threats to go public about their affair that led thegovernor to step down and come out to his family. Cipel (pronounced “Tzi-pel”) had reportedly demanded$5 million to keep mum; the former aide has denied the blackmail allegations andinstead claimed that he was the victim of McGreevey’s unwanted sexualadvances.

Either way, it’s a sure bet that the ex-gov’s gay-sex-scandalmemoir will give fellow Regan authors Bernard Kerik,Jenna Jameson, Jose Canseco, and FrankGotti Agnello a run for their money. A spokesperson for Regan Books wasunavailable for comment at press time, and a spokeswoman for the New Jerseygovernor’s office said that she did not have contact information forMcGreevey, adding, “From what I hear, he’s staying at home, notdoing much.” Maybe he and Kerik could get together and share some laughsabout the ups and downs of American politics.