Mel Does Mayans, God Fails to Part Sea


Hopping off the crucifix: Mel Gibson has a posse. The actor/director/lushy anti-semite appeared to be sober with Latino businessmen to promote his upcoming Mayan-language adventure, Apocalypto. He spoke on the challenges of working with relative unknown actors but didn’t get into the challenges of working without an enthusiastic backer.

AP or Onion? “Letters to God end up in ocean, unread”—well, presumably.

CTRL-ALT-DELETE: MSN Music, the Ugly Betty of iTunes knockoffs, gets knocked out by unpopularity. After November 14, MSN Music album and artist pages will link to Zune and to Real Rhapsody for music purchases.

Doggone, back to Iraq: The adorable-puppy handler seen in the Abu Ghraib pictures is once again serving for the good guys, the U.S. Army. Here’s a question: why?

0mG i FoUnDd AToMiC BoMb iNStRuKti0NzZ: Another botched government experiment, as it inadvertently made available via the Interweb’s “a basic guide to building an atom bomb.” The next Kim Jong Il could be in your backyard.

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