LiLo Gets Handslap, Community Service

LIVES TO SERVE Lohan(Photo: Getty Images)

Good deal: Lindsay Lohan reaches a plea deal landing her one day in jail and 10 days community service. Now, who needs his car wrecked?

Quick exit: Pregnant princess Nicole Richie is released from jail after 82 minutes for good behavior.

Where’s Spidey?: Spiderman love interest Kirsten Dunst had her $6,500 handbag lifted from her posh New York hotel, along with an iPod, a cell phone and $2,500 cash.

Hoff hassles back: Drunk dad David Hasselhoff accepts “substantial” libel damages from the UK version of OK! magazine after the rag said he was “off his face” and “abusive” at an LA bar.

One and done: After only one episode, FOX cancels news-cum-reality show Anchorwoman, which told the tale of a model turned newscaster.

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