Kathy Hilton’s Psychic Pet Finder

Kathy Hilton may have some maternal instincts after all. Although the most famously permissive mother since Mama Rose sat idly by while her daughter made forays into amateur porn and reality TV, sources sayHilton leapt into action when her beloved Pomeranian, Dolce,went missing Monday. Desperate to be reunited with her runaway pooch, we hear she reached out the only way she knew how—by contactingpet psychic to the stars Sonya Fitzpatrick.

According to a well-placed source, the dog, one of her three pampered Pomeranians (the others are named Sebastian andPrince), disappeared at some point during the day while inthe care of a maid at the Hilton’s L.A. home. (The maid was alsolooking after Tinkerbell, Paris’s oft-lost and recentlyreplaced Chihuahua, who for some unknown reason decided to sit this one out.)

By Tuesday afternoon, Hilton had enlisted the help of a well-connected L.A. producer who put her assistant in touch with the famed soothsayer and author of Sonya Fitzpatrick the Pet Psychic: What Animals Tell Me, says the source. Thepsychic, however, refused to commit her occult arts to the search without firstbeing told whether the missing dog was dead or alive, a sign that while she may be clairvoyant, she’s probably not all that bright.

Since calls to Hilton’s publicist were not returned by press time, andattempts to conjure the Great Seer to the telephone were unsuccessful, it’sunknown whether Fitzgerald agreed to take on the case. Nonetheless,Radar sends good vibes to Mrs. Hilton and her family in their time ofneed.

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