John Casablancas’s Campbell Stew

Though it’s been nearly 12years since Elite Models founder John Casablancasdropped Naomi Campbell from his stable, there’s still badblood between the two.

In the latest round of the runway world’s most famous feud,Casablancas—international roué and father of lead StrokeJulian Casablancas—mocked his 35-year-oldadversary’s violent tendencies in Complex magazine, saying hewouldn’t “work with her again for all the gold on Earth.”

Perhaps fearing he had gone too far, Casablancas later sent Campbell ane-mail blaming “the press” for quoting him out of context—ahalf-assed apology that the unappeased diva promptly forwarded to the NewYork Post’s Page Six. The model mogul recentlyresponded with yet another missive, obtained by Radar:

“Dear Naomi, I’m happy to see that my note to youallowed you to save face with the press. Too bad that it was also used to makeme look like shit. For the record, I don’t grovel—and you of allpeople should know that—and I feel quite comfortable with my contradictoryfeelings about you: A-plus as a person; D-minus for behavior. I know you knowwhat I mean.”

Bey-otch! Neither Campbell’s nor Casablancas’s reps returnedcalls for comment by press time.

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