Jared Leto’s Oscar-Worthy Part

What is it about underemployed actor Jared Leto that’senabled him to consistently snare ladies like CameronDiaz, Britney Spears, ScarlettJohansson and Lindsey Lohan? Mere weeks afterMark Felt emerged from the shadows, the 33-year-old Requiem for a Dream star’s own Deep Throat, porn actress Corina Taylor, hascome forward with the answer: Apparently, Leto’s true talent resides inhis pants.

Taylor, the X-rated star of such celluloid classics as 1Dick 2 Chicks Part 2 and The Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio Part42, tells Radar she got cozy with Leto on his tour bus in LittleRock, Ark, along with a few strippers and bandmates from hisvanity project, 30 Seconds from Mars, in April 2002. “I’ve been a porn actress forthree years and Jared was the most I ever had to work with,” Corina gushes. “There’s definitely a second career available for him if heever runs out of mainstream work.” Or, gets run out on a rail. Nowthat the three-legged Leto has moved on to tiny 19-year-old AshleyOlsen, we can only hope some larger-scale starlet catches his eyebefore disaster strikes. Leto’s publicist, Robin Baum,did not return calls or e-mails for comment by press time.

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