Is Club Bill Gates the Chairman’s Secret Hideaway?

MATH CLUB The Bill Gates

It’s hard to believe the words “Club” and “Bill Gates” could ever be paired together in a remotely cool way. But in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike seem to find Club Bill Gates a pretty chill place to spend day and night sipping strong Turkish coffee. The storefront boasts the image of an ’80s bifocaled Gates looking exceptionally nerdy (but, like, ironically nerdy, thanks to graphic design touches). Is this an actual extension of the Microsoft chairman and his ego, or just quirky Eastern European kitsch? When Radar recently asked the guys behind the counter, they said, between puffs of Ronhill cigarettes, “[We] don’t know. We just work here”—hey, just how they answer on the Windows Vista helpline! We had no luck downloading the truth from Microsoft either, as they politely declined to respond either way.

Photo: Shira Levine

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