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From Filthy Rich to Gangsta Bitch?

Just when Paris Hilton’s engagement to Greek shippingheir Paris Latsis had us all believing that fairytales really can come true,sources say the unregenerated wildchild has given in to her baser instincts andtaken up with Scott Storch, the hip-hop superproducer behindher upcoming debut album.

Hilton watchers first noticed the unlikely pairing two weeks ago when Storchsquired the heiress to the VMAs—with her devoted fiancé nowhere insight. “They were holding hands the whole time in Miami and were all overeach other,” says one observer. But chatter about the celebutante’sstraying ways reached fever pitch at this Saturday’s Play Station Portablefashion show in New York.

“Scott showed up with some really cheesy dude and his ditzy girlfriend.He was wearing those tinted wrap-around shades he always has on and a shinysuit, like some extra from Carlito’s Way,” says the source.“All the paparazzi wanted to take his picture because they know he’sher boyfriend.”

Storch, 31, spent most of the show backstage with his songbird: “Hebrought her a bag with a bunch of pink stuff and some shoes,” says anotherpartygoer. “Everyone at the afterparty was talking about them beingtogether. He even led the search effort for her cell phone when she lost itafter the show”—proving himself the cool-headed yin to hersemi-retarded yang.

One fashionista who has seen Hilton together with the hip-hop producer atseveral events in New York this week couldn’t believe her eyes.“He’s this chubby little Jewish guy who tries to look all menacingand isn’t at all handsome. Grease literally oozes off him.” ButStorch, who calls himself “the Meyer Lansky of hip-hop,” and whomBillboard magazine recently called “one of today’s hottestwriters and producers,” must have some charms invisible to the naked eye.After all, he dated Lil’ Kim, Hilton’s equallyexhibitionist hip-hop soul sister.

Asked about Hilton’s latest accessory, her rep, BobZimmerman, said coyly, “Paris and Scott are taking advantage ofevery public opportunity to create buzz for the album he’sproducing.” As for Latsis? “They’re still engaged and Paris isstill moving forward with the wedding plans.”

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