Fashion Emergencia

Glammed-out design team Heatherette got an unwelcome surprise when they arrived south of the border at Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City for 7th on Sixth’s official Mexico fashion week on Tuesday.

We hear the louche label’s cutup crew of Traver Rains, Richie Rich, and muse Aimee Phillips were all set to show their 2006 Spring collection to the tequila-swilling crowd at Camino Real that night when they learned that the airline had lost the 51 bags containing their entire collection, along with all their personal luggage. The designers had to postpone the show and instead spent the day with their plasticine pal Amanda Lepore scouring the streets of Mexico City for fabric—and lots of glitter, we imagine—to replace their wares. After hours of fretting, we’re told, the clothes were finally recovered and the show was rescheduled for Thursday night.

Lysee Webb, a rep for the designers, put the trip’s trauma in perspective, saying, “Everything’s okay, because Aimee’s got two brand new pairs of Vivienne Westwood shoes waiting for her when she gets home.”

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