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Eisner’s Goldman Parachute

It’s tough being a 62-year-old billionaire with nothing to do all day but alphabetize your “People To Destroy” list. So it’s no surprise that Michael Eisner, Disney’s chairman and lead Mouseketeer for almost two decades—until being routed by his own board earlier this year—is looking for a new day job.

A well-connected Wall Streeter tells us Eisner recently rang up his old pals at Goldman Sachs, the prestigious investment banking firm, asking if they could help land him a stable nine-to-five. A Goldman higher-up dutifully sent a top-secret e-mail to a number of the firm’s toniest clients and cronies soliciting a gig for the notoriously hard-to-handle honcho. So far, there have been no takers, we’re told. Back in May we reported on the dilettantish exec’s plan to launch a production company with his three sons, Brek, Erick and Anders. Has he already thrown in the towel?

“I would have thought he’d just go out and buy himself a business, but I guess he must have the Ovitz syndrome,” says the source, invoking Eisner’s legendary nemesis, who, though dead in Hollywood, continues to haunt the industry.

Of course, if things get really bad, we hear the Weinstein brothers are hiring.

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