50 Cent Selling his Connecticut Crib

NEEDS CHANGE Fiddy’s 52-room manse, Cent (inset)

Residents of white and waspy Farmington, Connecticut, are stripping off their bulletproof vests and bidding farewell to their friendly neighborhood gangsta rapper. Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, has put his 52-room crib on the market for an undisclosed price.

Fiddy bought bought the mansion in September 2003 for $4.1 million from ear-biting boxer Mike Tyson‘s ex-wife Monica, who acquired the house for $1 in a court-ordered divorce settlement.

The perforated thug (reformed) had big plans for renovating his home, including asking Louis Vuitton to plaster the interior walls of the behemoth with the brand’s signature LV logo, according to some reports. It would take MTV Cribs at least two episodes to cover the details of Fiddy’s hotel-sized home. There’s a recording studio, a handball court, a casino, two billiard rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, five Jacuzzis, a screening room, and indoor shooting range—and, in what’s surely an homage to Steve Martin in The Jerk, a full disco with a wall of 20 televisions.

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