Courtney Stodden Draws Up Bizarre 'Separation Agreement' With Doug Hutchison As They Continue Living Together

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have signed off on what can only be described as a bizarre “separation agreement.”

Neither Stodden, 19, or Hutchison, 53, has filed for legal separation in the courts.

Instead they had their entertainment attorney, Cervantes Entertainment Law, compose a statement letting the public know the status of their marriage.

In a copy obtained by the UK’s Daly Mail, the agreement sets out that Stodden and Hutchison are going to “live separate and apart” as if they’d never been married in the first place.

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But here’s the kicker, the couple is going to remain living together in the same house!

“For the time being, both Courtney and Doug will remain living together at their residence in separate rooms and continue to support on another as friends and business partners.”

The agreement, signed on Friday, makes no mention of divorce or who will eventually get possession of her closet full of stilettos.

Stay tuned.

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