Celine Dion Models Skinny Body While In Paris

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Celine Dion Models Fancy Looks In Paris FranceCeline Dion Models Fancy Looks In Paris France
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Celine Dion Models Skinny Body While In Paris

See the photos!

Celine Dion is still enjoying herself in Paris, France, RadarOnline.com can confirm.

The “All By Myself” singer modeled some fun and colorful outfits while on her trip, calling attention to her thin physique.

Just yesterday, Radar spotted her scary skinny frame in a colorful print bodysuit, matching coat, and black and green strappy heels.

Radar has captured Dion’s gaunt frame on numerous occasions, but from the looks of her recent outfit changes and photos on social media, she’s embraced her size and is practicing body positivity.

As readers know, Dion experienced the loss of her husband and manager Rene Angelil, who died in 2016 after a long battle with cancer. Sources say she lost a lot of weight as she mourned his death and even struggled to continue working, Radar exclusively learned.

Her schedule is completely insane, but Celine keeps going because in her mind ‘It’s what Rene would have wanted,'” a friend close to the singer explained to Dion. But that friend argued she was wrong because he “kept her workaholic tendencies under control” and “would have never approved her current workload.”

“She’s losing too much weight too quickly and she really needs some rest and recuperation,” the pal continued. “It’s been a tough year and throwing herself into work is only going to make it harder.”

Check out the gallery to see photos of Celine Dion’s slender body!