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Doctors Can Tell: 27 Celebrity Nose Jobs Before and After — From Meghan Markle to Ariana Grande

celebrity nose jobs before after
Source: MEGA

Some celebrities denied having a nose job while others bravely shared their stories to fans.

Sep. 15 2023, Published 7:49 p.m. ET

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Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie
Source: MEGA

Angelina Jolie claimed she had never undergone plastic surgery.

Angelina Jolie has maintained she has never enhanced anything through plastic surgery, but experts believe she had surgeries to improve her facial features, including her nose.

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Ariana Grande

ariana grande
Source: MEGA

The 'Thank U, Next' singer recently admitted she had Botox and lip fillers years ago.

According to reports, Ariana Grande had rhinoplasty to reduce her nose's size and make it look more natural.

Ashlee Simpson

ashlee simpson
Source: MEGA

She previously said plastic surgery is "a personal choice."

Having Jessica Simpson as her sibling probably made Ashlee Simpson a little insecure that she underwent rhinoplasty to improve her side profile. Experts said she had the cartilage and bone of her nose bridge off to create a narrower, smaller and straight look.

"I think as long as people have two eyes, then you probably know the answer," she previously told Us Weekly. "I don't think I am more beautiful than I was [before]."

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Ashley Tisdale

ashley tisdale
Source: MEGA

The 'High School Musical' actress suffered public scrutiny over her rhinoplasty a decade ago.

Ashley Tisdale never denied she had work done in her nose, especially since she had to receive it due to a health issue. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody star told People in 2007 that her nose job was to correct a deviated septum that caused trouble breathing.

"It wasn't a big deal to me nor was it like I was dreaming of the day I'd get a nose job. On the other hand, I have ZERO judgment towards anyone who does look forward to that day—your body, your choice," she wrote on her lifestyle website, Frenshe.

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Bella Hadid

bella hadid
Source: MEGA

The supermodel had rhinoplasty at 14.

Bella Hadid divided the public when she admitted to undergoing a nose job, saying she regretted doing it.

The supermodel spoke about her depression and acceptance in a cover story for Vogue and revealed that it was a decision she still regrets to this day.

"I've had this impostor syndrome where people made me feel like I didn't deserve any of this," she continued. "People always have something to say, but what I have to say is, I've always been misunderstood in my industry and by the people around me."

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Source: MEGA

Beyoncé's before and after photos proved that she had rhinoplasty surgery.

Plastic surgeons and experts who have not treated Beyoncé previously shared their opinions after seeing photos of the singer's transformation. The Crazy In Love hitmaker's nose was reportedly "thinned, shortened and refined" through a nose job.

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Blake Lively

blake lively
Source: MEGA

Ryan Reynolds' wife is known for being one of Hollywood's natural beauties, but she seemingly went under the knife.

Blake Lively sparked plastic surgery rumors this year after her before and after photos went viral. The Californian blonde's nose indeed looks slimmer and narrower compared to before.

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Britney Spears

britney spears
Source: MEGA

Britney Spears only admitted to getting lip fillers and never spoke about any plastic surgeries she received.

Fans believed Britney Spears did not need her nose done – but she did.

Years after debuting an innocent look when she released her studio album …Baby One More Time in 1999, her nose changed her overall appearance and made her look more unnatural.

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Cameron Diaz

cameron diaz
Source: MEGA

Cameron Diaz has been open about her multiple rhinoplasty procedures over the past few years.

Cameron Diaz started her enhancement journey unexpectedly after receiving her first rhinoplasty following a surfing accident in 2003 that affected her nose. A facial plastic surgeon repaired her nose by working on its structure and cartilage, but some fans believed she took the opportunity to change it cosmetically, as well.

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Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera
Source: MEGA

The 42-year-old 'Genie in a Bottle' singer underwent more procedures after giving birth to her son, Max.

Experts believe Christina Aguilera did not only change her style but her facial structure, as well. For her nose job, a plastic surgeon believes that her past nasal surgery was overdone and that her doctors used cartilage grafts to rebuild her nose.

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Gwen Stefani

gwen stefani
Source: MEGA

Gwen Stefani's overall facial features changed since she started her career.

Gwen Stefani has never confessed to getting any work done, but her before and after photos sparked talks that she had a nose job or a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Compared to what her nose looked like during the early days of her career, it now looks more defined and a little upright.

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Heidi Montag

heidi montag
Source: MEGA

The reality star said she is obsessed with plastic surgery.

As part of her "self-improvement," Heidi Montag had her nose "revised" by her plastic surgeon.

"I've always been very insecure about my body," she said, admitting to having rhinoplasty. "I have my dad's nose, which is huge. It took up so much of my face, when I looked down, I could see my nose. I couldn't get away from it! People would say, 'You have such a big nose!' And they'd make fun of me for being so flat... I was tormented."

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Holly Madison

holly madison
Source: MEGA

As one of the Playboy Bunnies, Holly Madison had to maintain her fresh look through different ways – including plastic surgery.

Holly Madison revealed she underwent plastic surgery to make her nose slimmer when she was 23, making its bridge thinner and nostrils smaller.

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Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston
Source: MEGA

The 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' star also suffered a health issue that made her undergo a nose job.

Meghan Markle

Jennifer Aniston said goodbye to her bulbous-looking nose with rhinoplasty. In 2007, she revealed that her deviated septum was fixed through surgery.

"I had a deviated septum fixed," she said. "Best thing I ever did. I slept like a baby for the first time in years."

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Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez
Source: MEGA

Surgeons shared that the singer may have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure in the past.

Jennifer Lopez has always denied having plastic surgery, but her side-by-side before and after photos tell a different thing because of her nose's slimmer and sharper appearance.

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Kate Moss

kate moss
Source: MEGA

The supermodel initially had a wider nose when she started her modeling career.

A dramatic change in Kate Moss' nose caused a buzz in 2006. From having a wide nose, its shape started changing around 2003 before it fully transformed years later as it looked well-proportioned.

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Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian
Source: MEGA

As expected, the Kardashians always appear on the lists of people who underwent plastic surgeries.

Kim Kardashian claimed she has never had a rhinoplasty, but her old photos before becoming a business and beauty mogul reveal otherwise due to the bridge looking straighter and slimmer.

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Kylie Jenner

kylie jenner
Source: MEGA

New fans of the Kylie Cosmetics founder find it hard to recognize her in her old photos because of extreme plastic surgeries.

Kylie Jenner has always maintained that she never underwent surgeries and only opted for non-invasive injectables. But looking at her old photos, people are convinced she has had more work than she has admitted.

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Megan Fox

megan fox
Source: MEGA

Megan Fox denied plastic surgery claims and said her transformation was only part of aging.

Megan Fox made everyone love to get older because of her "unbelievable" claim that her significant change in appearance was only part of her aging process. Compared to her nose in her old photos, the actress seemingly has a straighter and more refined nose bridge to this day.

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Meghan Markle

meghan markle
Source: MEGA

Before becoming a royal, Meghan Markle underwent a beauty transformation that caught Prince Harry's eyes and heart.

Among the enhancements Meghan Markle reportedly had, a plastic surgeon said she probably had the bridge of her nose narrowed and its tip more refined.

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Melissa George

melissa george
Source: MEGA

In an interview, she said she only supports corrective surgery and not cosmetic.

Melissa George has always been a self-proclaimed adversary of plastic surgeries, but she seemingly had a change of heart as her nose looks noticeably different than her debut days.

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Nicole Kidman

nicole kidman
Source: MEGA

Tom Cruise's ex denied ever going under the knife, but her past and present photos seemingly disagree with her statement.

According to Nicole Kidman, she is completely natural and "have nothing" in her face. Although she only admitted to having Botox, experts and her fans said she probably had a few surgeries, including a nose job.

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Olivia Wilde

olivia wilde
Source: MEGA

Olivia Wilde was already a beauty when she came to Hollywood.

Olivia Wilde made it clear she would never have any surgery, but her before and after evolution shows her nose looking more refined.

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Sandra Bullock

sandra bullock
Source: MEGA

The actress and film producer said that the changes to her appearance are only the results of aging and her healthy living.

Rumors claimed Sandra Bullock went under the knife aside from having Botox, a facelift and life fillers. Fans also noticed that she lost her wide nose and opted for a slimmer-looking one.

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Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson
Source: MEGA

Among the enhancements she reportedly had, the ones that were done to her nose scored the most spotlight.

Black Widow actress Scarlett Johannson has always turned people's heads with her radiant beauty. Still, some of her pictures showed signs she underwent rhinoplasty to achieve a more refined nose tip and thinner bridge.

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Tori Spelling

tori spelling
Source: MEGA

She rose to fame in the '90s hit, 'Beverly Hills 90210.'

Tori Spelling looks younger compared to her early days as an actress, and her fans believe she received a little assistance from her plastic surgeon.

While her nose is slimmer, she told SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live that her makeup artist uses sorcery in her contour skills to achieve that look.

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Tyra Banks

tyra banks
Source: MEGA

Tyra Banks admitted to having a secret nose job because of a heartbreaking reason.

In her book Perfect Is Boring, Tyra Banks revealed she had a nose job early in her career because of the injury she sustained when she was about three years old. After the accident, she never had it treated until it started causing issues.



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