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Don Lemon's Lawyer Puts Megyn Kelly On Notice, Fires Off Legal Letter Trashing Conservative Host For Her 'Reckless' Reporting Over 'Fabricated' Sexual Assault

Don Lemon's attorney is going for Megyn Kelly's jugular, calling out the conservative host for her "lopsided" and "reckless" journalistic ethics. This comes after Megyn invited Lemon's accuser as a guest on her SiriusXM show, where he freely talked about an alleged assault involving the CNN host.

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In a legal letter obtained by, Lemon's lawyer Caroline J. Polisi accuses Megyn of leaving her listeners with a "lopsided and inaccurate understanding" of what Dustin Hice claims went down between him and Lemon at a Long Island bar in the summer of 2018.

"You permitted Mr. Hice’s statements to go unchallenged during your broadcast, clearly out of a vendetta you have against Mr. Lemon," the letter reads.

Don Lemon's Sexual Assault Accuser Claims CNN Host Has Tried To Pay Him $500,000 To Settle Battery Lawsuit

don lemon lawyer megyn kelly sexual assault reckless fabricated legal letter podcast pp
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Ripping the former FOX host to shreds, Lemon's attorney says, "Although you advertise your podcast as featuring 'honest' conversations without 'BS' or 'agenda,' your podcast today, in which you interviewed Dustin Hice, reveals that you only pay lip service to journalistic ethics."

Polisi adds that Megyn should of, "at a minimum," spent the time to review the filings on the public docket which she says "substantially undermines Mr. Hice’s credibility and as well as the outlandish story he fabricated about Mr. Lemon."

She also has an issue with Megyn calling Hice a sexual assault accuser. "That claim is false, and you are now on notice," Polisi firmly states.

"Given that you are, or were, an attorney, I would have expected you to have read the complaint, which neither pleads 'sexual assault,' nor seeks damages for 'sexual assault.'"

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Pointing out that Hice "does not plan to call any expert witness to support his grandiose claims for emotional distress," Lemon's attorney scoffs at the accuser's claims that Lemon offered him $500,000 to settle the battery lawsuit.

She says Hice is the one who allegedly bribed a witness.

Don Lemon
don lemon lawyer megyn kelly sexual assault reckless fabricated legal letter podcast
Source: Mega
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"Mr. Lemon has presented evidence of Mr. Hice offering to bribe a witness and that he intentionally destroyed and withheld material evidence that both is directly relevant to his purported claims and that severely undermines his credibility," she writes in the letter.

Lemon's pitbull lawyer says the only time her client offered to pay Hice was "for a nuisance value of $8,000." She claims Hice, through lawyers, "demanded $1.5 million dollars from Mr. Lemon in exchange for not 'going public' with his claims immediately."

"Mr. Lemon refused to be blackmailed with Mr. Hice’s meritless claims and declined them," Polisi adds in the letter.

Turning her focus back to Megyn, Lemon's lawyer ordered her to "offer your listeners a correction."

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don lemon lawyer megyn kelly sexual assault reckless fabricated legal letter podcast
Source: Mega

As reported, Hice sued Lemon in August 2019 for an alleged 2018 incident, in which he claims, "[Lemon] put his hand down the front of his own shorts, and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand and shoved his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff's mustache and under Plaintiff's nose."

He told Megyn that Lemon allegedly tried to pay him off three separate times, with a total amount of $500,000 to make the lawsuit go away.

Lemon's attorney makes it clear, ending her letter with some strong words for Megyn: "I hope you will correct your reckless reporting today, and the prior public statements you have made about this case—statements that demonstrated a reckless disregard for the truth and absolutely no effort on your part to try to ascertain the facts."



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