How To Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active) In 2021

Looking to buy Instagram followers? Read this first:

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In this modern day, there is no better way to connect with a large audience than on social media. Social media platforms have changed how companies interact with their customers, and how everyone interacts with each other.

One of the most popular social networks out there, with billions of active users, is Instagram, the photo-sharing network that anyone serious about social media marketing should have a business account set up on.

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When you decide to begin trying to connect with your audience on Instagram, you have the chance to up your brand awareness and join the ranks of Instagram influencers who are connecting with people every day through their Instagram posts.

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If you’re ready to build your following and connect with real Instagram users, but don’t want to go through all of the traditional Instagram marketing methods that can take time and hard work, you can always take one shortcut: Think about buying some Instagram followers for your account.

Discover the best sites to buy Instagram followers

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There are several sites that make it easy for you to buy Instagram followers in any amount of your choosing. The trick is knowing which sites provide real, genuine followers out of the many that sell low-quality accounts and bots. Luckily, with the following best sites, you can make it much easier to grow your social media presence and get Instagram’s algorithm to notice you.

Here are the best sites to buy real Instagram followers safely and easily. No time to read our full reviews? Our verdict: we recommend Twicsy.

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1. Twicsy

There are several great reasons why Twicsy tops so many “best of” Instagram service providers lists across the internet – including this one – because the brand is well-known for providing real and active accounts to your follower count with ease. If you want to make sure you aren’t putting your account in jeopardy with bots flooding your Instagram profile, Twicsy is one of the best choices around to buy Instagram followers. Twicsy was also voted the best site to buy premium followers on Instagram by Men’s Journal!

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You can expect to receive the followers within 24 hours (usually delivered instantly), and you can also feel good about your purchase knowing that it is backed by Twicsy’s money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. If you’re looking for quick delivery and quality service, you can’t go wrong with Twicsy.

Looking to buy Instagram likes? No problem - Twicsy can help you with that too!

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2. Buzzoid

You would be very hard-pressed to find a company who has been selling Instagram services, including selling Instagram likes, followers, views, and more, than Buzzoid. The brand has been in existence just about the same amount of time as Instagram itself, and there is a great reason for the site’s continued longevity: It works, and it works well for any target audience.

Buzzoid can back up its longevity with speedy services and genuine, real followers. You will never have to worry about purchasing fake followers through Buzzoid. This is thanks to the company’s manual growth service, giving you a good engagement rate and relevant followers who already are interested in similar content to yours. The company also provides good customer support and several different payment options for your convenience. 

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3. iDigic

iDigic is unique in the fact that they only handle Instagram services, and are serious about only providing real, genuine followers for you. Be sure that real people are interacting with you instead of bots when you shop with iDigic, and with instant delivery from the company, you can be sure to watch your Insta account grow exponentially in a short window of time.

The company also specializes in Instagram likes, hashtags research, and more, so you can be sure they are dedicated to providing superior Instagram services. Select from different packages pricing depending on how much money you have to spend on followers, and then use those new followers to grow your engagement, improve your social media marketing, and build up the amount of organic followers on your list.

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4. Rushmax

Rushmax makes it simple for anyone to grow their Instagram page with real Instagram followers and real users, easily. The brand sells packages that anyone could take advantage of, from as low as 50 new followers all the way up to 5000 new followers. If you really want to pad your number of followers on the photo-sharing platform, Rushmax is one of the best ways to go.

If you have any questions when working with Rushmax, you can take advantage of their 24/7 customer support team, who is always standing by to help you should you need it.

5. Diozzub

Diozzub is a good service, but not so much for an Instagram account that is brand new. To really take advantage of the services offered by Diozzub, it is better to be an established account with plenty of active followers already. This is because the company sells huge amounts of followers at a time, up to 100,000. This could be a good way to grow an account with an already established following, but not so much for someone who is just now getting their start.

Still, these are affordable packages for growing your list of IG followers, so if you already have a decent audience and want fast delivery for further Instagram growth, Diozzub might be the service for you.

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6. V Labs

V Labs is an online Instagram account service that does something that no other service on this list provides – they will give newer users some likes or followers for free so that they can get an idea if buying followers online is something that appeals to them. A good way to showcase their unique service (and to see if any of the Insta followers unfollow).

They also provide a subscription service of sorts, where you can get new followers and new users every single month for a set cost. Reach influencer status on autopilot by growing your account by up to 60 new followers every day, and show the famous Instagram algorithm that you mean business. They accept credit cards and PayPal as their payment method.

7. DVY Labs

DVY Labs is one of the more interesting resources on this list when it comes to buying Instagram followers. That’s because you don’t “buy” followers here at all. Instead, you are provided with a growth service that works with automation. DVY Labs ensures that there is no risk to your Instagram page, because they follow the Instagram terms and do everything the legit way, with no bots or fake accounts.

Up your followers count through automation with high-quality followers when you choose DVY Labs, who also provides unique targeting tools, reporting tools, and a two week money-back guarantee so you can get a refund if you aren’t happy for some reason with your purchase. DVY Labs is also active in the TikTok space, with their service TokMatik - allowing you to buy TikTok followers and likes with ease.

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Are there risks to buying Instagram followers?

No, not technically. However, the rules are geared towards automated accounts (bots) and fake followers, which are oftentimes wiped off of Instagram within a few weeks anyway. While it can be considered as breaking terms of service, there are plenty of Instagram marketers already taking advantage of this strategy simply by using services that provide only real accounts.

Done right (such as buying from, purchasing followers can be a decent way for you to bring more social proof for your small business without having to go through all of the traditional channels for your online marketing strategy.  As long as you can get a followers package with no fake Instagram followers, you can make it easy to increase your Instagram engagement and even begin to grow your organic following.

Is it easy to buy Instagram followers?

It is fairly simple to purchase real, quality Instagram followers online. You want to check for a secure website such as the ones in the list above, one with great customer reviews and a solid support team backing them up. You also probably want to make sure that the site you work with for the first time also provides some kind of refund guarantee, so that you can be sure to get your money back if it doesn’t work out as well as you thought.

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How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

That is up to you. With many of these sites, you can find quite affordable followers packages for your Instagram business account. You can: 

  • Get a smaller amount of cheap Instagram followers (up to 100) for about $2, which is a great way to test out how it works for you. 

  • You can also buy up to 100,000 followers as you saw above, but those numbers begin getting quite a bit more costly. 

Think about how many followers you would like to purchase for your account, and go from there. Remember, you can always start off low and buy more if you would like.

We recommend buying Instagram followers from Twicsy

Ready to increase your sales, your following and overall engagement on Instagram without having to spend hours upon hours attempting to do everything the “organic way”? 

Buying Instagram followers makes this whole process a lot simpler, providing you with real followers who are likely to engage with your content, and if you’re lucky, lead to even further organic growth later down the line.

What do you have to lose? See if picking up some followers for yourself leads to the kind of results you hope to see, and if so, capitalize on that growth by continuing to post cool, original content to continue to grow your profile even more.



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