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Dec. 7 2021, Published 2:57 p.m. ET

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Knowing how to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby is important if you want to enter the world of sugar dating. It’s all available at the press of a button, but you need to know about the best sugar daddy sites to up your chances at finding a great match!

We got you.

Here’s a list of the best sugar baby apps that all of you men and women can enjoy! And who knows? Maybe your next hot sugar date is just one click away...

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11 Best Sugar Daddy Sites Reviewed

First Look:

  1. Best suggar daddy website overall - Seeking
  2. Auction-style dating - What’s Your Price

  3. Great security - SugarDaddyMeet

  4. Best for sugar travel - Miss Travel

  5. Best for discretion - Ashley Madison

  6. Great online community - AdultFriendFinder

  7. Top-notch features - Established Men

  8. Top sugar daddy website - SugarDaddie

  9. Balanced sugar dating ratio - Sudy

  10. Great choice for sugar baby app - RichMeetsBeautiful

  11. A more traditional option - EliteSingles

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1. Seeking - Best Sugar Daddy Website Overall

best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites
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Seeking is one of the most popular sugar daddy apps and websites right now. Also known as Seeking Arrangement, this platform is widely used by those that want to find a hot, young thing who’s willing to accompany them on whatever activity they have in mind.

Best yet, Seeking is one of the best sugar baby apps that aspiring professional companions will definitely want to try out. That’s because all female members on Seeking don’t have to pay any fees to use the platform, so they can set up their business quickly and easily.

A win for the babies!

And although men have to pay for their membership right out the gate, you’d be glad to find out that Seeking is one of the more affordable options as far as sugar dating is concerned.

The fact that it’s available as a mobile app also means that you won’t have to worry about how to find a sugar partner when you’re not in front of your desktop or laptop.

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2. What’s Your Price - Auction-Style Sugar Daddy Site

best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites
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As far as sugar baby sites go, few can be as lucrative as What’s Your Price. That’s all because of how this sugar daddy website makes use of an auction system to hook up sugar babies with their respective daddies and vice-versa.

If you’re a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy, all you need to do is advertise yourself, post your profile to the site and wait for Mr. Moneybags to bid on you.

As for all the sugar daddies out there, you’re going to find that WYP puts a refreshing twist on the whole sugar dating game. It replaces the tired, old tradition of showering your professional date with “gifts” and chit chat...instead, it’s a more straightforward bidding system that lets you take home their services with ease.


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If you’re worried about having to deal with bogus accounts who might run away with your sweet moolah, don’t be: WYP ensures that every account on their site has been verified to eliminate any fake members.

Also, you’d be glad to know that this sugar baby site is one of the most attentive and hands-on when it comes to their customer service. As such, you can contact them anytime if you have any concerns regarding the site and what it offers.

3. SugarDaddyMeet - Best Sugar Daddy App Security

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best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites

SugarDaddyMeet is a top sugar daddy app option from which you can grab a membership if account security and privacy is at the top of your priorities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sugar baby or a sugar daddy: SDM makes sure that all the information and activity that happens on their platform stays there.


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This process happens right from the get-go, as SDM is one of the most—if not the most—thorough sugar daddy apps you can find right now in terms of verifying new members. Admittedly, the whole procedure takes just a tad longer than when signing up for a regular old adult dating website, but it’s absolutely worth it.

A longer verification process is but a small price to pay for 100 percent guaranteed security and privacy, after all. Even better, too, is that account creation is free. You won’t have to spend a single cent until you opt to go for a full membership with SDM.

Plus, SDM makes sure that every user’s concerns are promptly addressed to ensure that their sugar dating experience is always top-notch. With that in mind, the site has one of the finest customer service teams available that you can contact 24/7.

And even though you might find that SDM’s overall user base to be slightly smaller than your average sugar daddy dating site, you won’t mind it once you find out that there are none of those annoying fake accounts floating around this platform.

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4. Miss Travel - Best Sugar Baby Site for Trips

best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites
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Miss Travel is the website to visit if you want to find a sugar daddy that will take you around the world in exchange for your companionship and everything that goes along with it.

Jet-setting, anyone?

There aren’t really any other sugar dating “gift” options available on Miss Travel, as it’s dedicated itself to structuring every sugar date on their site with luxury vacations in mind.

The way Miss Travel works is that if you want to find a sugar daddy, you simply have to browse through the ads that they post on the site. These aren’t ordinary invites, though, because Miss Travel requires their sugar papas to customize their luxury vacations in detail.

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Once they’re done, the sugar babies on the site get to choose which trips they want to go on, after which the sugar daddies get to choose which one to take from the pickings of interested sugar babies who answered their ads.

So, if you’re sick and tired of just sending and receiving “gifts” on your sugar dating affairs, then we highly recommend you try out MT’s travel-centric approach to sweet dates.

Also, the site understands how important it is to keep you and all their members safe, so you’d be glad to find out that MT makes use of a thorough—albeit relatively long—verification process to make sure that you’re a legit user who’s not just out there to troll their members.

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5. Ashley Madison - Top Sugar Daddy App for Discretion

best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites
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Ashley Madison is one of the best sugar baby apps to find a sugar daddy on, if you’re looking for an affordable platform with lots of users available.

Thanks to AM’s infamy due to the data leak that they experienced a few years ago, the site has become even more popular, which led to droves of married people signing up for an account with them.

That’s right.

The two types of AM users are either married individuals looking for a side booty to tap (that’s where all of you sugar babies come in) or users who have a thing for married people.

As a sugar daddy dating site, finding the right professional date on this platform is easy and convenient, with the ability to customize your profile, not unlike how social media sites work. The tight security system makes sure everything that happens on AM stays on AM. Lots of available payment methods make it even better.

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The best part of AM? You can use it as a mobile app, which means you can find a sugar daddy or sugar baby almost anywhere you might be around the globe.

6. AdultFriendFinder - Best Sugar Daddy Site for Community

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best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites

AdultFriendFinder is arguably one of the largest adult dating and hookup websites available right now. But one thing people usually fail to mention is how effective an option it can be if you decide to use it for the sole purpose of finding a sugar daddy or sugar baby.

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Do keep in mind that since AFF isn’t exclusively made for sugar dates, you have to take extra care when sending “gifts” to your chosen sugar baby or, conversely, meeting up with your sugar daddy. That’s because AFF won’t be held responsible for any problems that might arise from your sugar dates, since the platform wasn’t made for that particular service.

Got it.

That’s not to say that AFF is completely oblivious to the fact that their site is used as a sugar daddy website. To help you in your quest to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby, AFF also provides helpful articles and guides to check out to improve your batting average.

And, let’s be honest, you probably will find a sugar baby or daddy on this platform eventually due to how large their user base is. Not only that, but you can even filter the kind of sweet poppa or glucose girl you want to make your searches more specific.

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7. EstablishedMen - Top Features for a Sugar Daddy Site

best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites
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EstablishedMen is well aware that sugar daddies are traditionally older gentlemen with deep pockets who are looking for someone to rekindle that lost youth by using a trusty sugar baby. As such, the platform has made sure that they have one of the most user-friendly and intuitive interfaces among the many sugar baby apps populating the internet today.


Add to that the fact that EM provides an efficient verification system at such a quick turnaround and it doesn’t charge you any money right out the gate either.

For babies, you’re going to love how there are far more sugar daddy accounts here than babies right now, which means that you can take advantage of the poor ratio.

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The customer support on EM is also highly commendable: they’re prompt and readily available anytime of the day. Best yet, EM has a straightforward and quick “gifting” system, which means receiving your allowance from your sweet poppa has been made all the easier.

8. SugarDaddie - Top Sugar Daddy Website

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best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites

Just when you thought the whole sugar baby game couldn’t get any more expensive, along comes a site like SugarDaddie. Suffice it to say that SD is perhaps the priciest option you can go for if you need to find a sugar daddy.

Get your wallet ready.

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Getting into the site’s small list of members is one of the hardest and longest processes among all the sugar daddy sites right now. They have an airtight verification system that ensures only the sweetest of sugar babies and highest rolling sugar daddies get in.

As such, you can’t expect this site to provide you with free signups (if you can afford to date a baby, then you can damn well pay their membership fees).

9. Sudy - Best Sugar Dating Ratio

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best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites

Sudy is a nice, more casual sugar baby app where you learn how to get a sugar daddy very easily. The platform provides a safe, fun, and active community that lets you connect with verified sugar daddy accounts.

It’s got one of the best user ratios around, too, which means there’s always a sugar baby for every sugar daddy on Sudy.

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10. RichMeetBeautiful - Great Choice for Sugar Baby App

best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites
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RichMeetBeautiful is a sugar daddy site through and through, and it champions security as one of its main selling points. Verifying your account on RMB will take some time (from a few days to about a week), but it’s all worth it for the sake of having a 100 percent secure, safe, and active sugar baby site that has no fake accounts whatsoever.

It’s also commendable for RMB that they don’t shy away from explaining the kinds of verification processes they take to keep their security airtight, but we won’t burden you with all the tech-heavy details here.

You’re going to love that not only is RMB available for both Android and Apple devices, but it’s optimized for mobile use. Simply put, this is one of the best sugar baby apps if you’re looking for security and on-the-go convenience when looking for a sugar daddy.

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11. EliteSingles - Best Traditional Sugar Daddy Dating Site

best sugar baby apps sugar dating sites
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When you think of the traditional sugar daddy, you won’t be wrong to think of an older gentleman with the means to get him some sugar, but he isn’t exactly the most tech-savvy individual around.

EliteSingles must have had that model in mind when they created one of the best sugar daddy sites available. This particular platform has one of the most user-friendly interfaces you can find.

As such, the technologically inept or otherwise can definitely enjoy using this amazing sugar daddy website.

ES has one of the largest available pools of both daddies and sugar babies around. Given how large it is, you won’t have to go full Rambo on your fellow sugar dads on ES; there are enough babies for everyone.

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It’s also pretty sweet that ES makes use of a pairing algorithm that’s similar to the ones we see on modern dating sites. Here, you’ll simply have to answer a short personal questionnaire to find the right sugar baby for you, which the site will recommend based on your answers.

If you ask us, though, our favorite feature here is their “wildcard” service, which randomly suggests one of the thousands of available sugar kids on the site. Then, it’s all up to you if you want to shower them with “gifts” in exchange for their time.

Best Sugar Daddy Sites FAQs

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What Is a Good Allowance for a Sugar Baby?

A good allowance for a sugar baby is wide-ranging.

Based on the average trend, sugar babies can charge anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 per month in allowances. Of course, you also have to factor in the popularity, experience, and personal rates that your chosen sugar baby goes with to determine how much you’re going to spend to employ their services.

Can I Get In Trouble for Being a Sugar Baby?

No, you can’t get in trouble for being a sugar baby, so long as you don’t break any laws.

Sugar babies sell companionship, which isn’t illegal. Much like a company employee, sugar daddies pay for your time.

Now, whether sex is involved in your arrangement is all up to your discretion as a sugar baby. However, it shouldn’t be charged for, or spoken about, online as part of your agreement, since this is technically prostitution, which is illegal and can get you in trouble.

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What Do Sugar Daddies Want?

Sugar daddies want companionship, first and foremost.

As a sugar baby, your role is to be your daddy’s arm candy or trophy date. This is a way for them to show their social status, to rekindle that lost youth they have, or to simply admire your sweet assets.

Contrary to popular belief, sugar daddies don’t employ sugar babies for the sole purpose of sex. It’s more of having someone to connect with and join them on dates. Of course, sex is not entirely off the table.

How Do You Make Your Sugar Daddy Happy?

How to make your sugar daddy happy depends on the daddy, of course!

Each sugar daddy has their own preferences and kinks. As such, you have to be attentive to them and, simply put, take on the submissive role in the relationship. Sugar daddies pay for a certain kind of companionship, and all you need to do is adjust to whatever kind they prefer at any given moment.

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Top Sugar Dating Sites Conclusion

Whether you’re wondering how to get a sugar daddy or you’re cruising the internet for a hot sugar baby to call your own, the picks in this article are surefire platforms that will help you find the right date.


Sugar daddy apps and sites like Seeking and Ashley Madison—to name a couple—are some of the best spots to find the right professional date to employ. Of course, that’s not to say that all the other picks aren’t up to snuff, because they totally are.

Having said that, always remember to keep yourselves safe when meeting people online and, of course, don’t forget to enjoy your sugar dates!

Enjoy, guys and girls!



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