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Best OnlyFans Girls — Top 40 Hottest OF Creators for Nudes and Clips

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The Best OnlyFans Girls, Celebrities, and Models to Follow in 2021

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This is no exaggeration - there are now literally millions upon millions of active OF content creator accounts that you can check out and subscribe to. In this article, we’re going to give you 40 of the best OnlyFans accounts worth checking out.

So, whether you want uploaded content like photos; you’re a fan of exclusive video clips; or you just simply love stanning post updates from topnotch female OF accounts... look no further than this list to find your next favorite creator on OnlyFans!

Here are the best Onlyfans accounts in 2021 so far!

The Top OnlyFans Content Creators to Follow Right Now

Sneak Peek at the Top 12 Female OF Creators

  1. Perfect for fans of OnlyFans gamer girls - Bella Bumzy

  2. An expert at solo performances - Sam Slayre

  3. Has the most affordable OnlyFans rates - Cup of Carli

  4. The best OnlyFans creator of 2021 - Kacy Black

  5. Best OF photo content today - Daisy Dray

  6. Perfect for live video fans - Maria Moobs

  7. Provides quality short videos for fans - Haley Brooks

  8. Perfect for body-positive fans - Riley Kwums

  9. Features lots of great themed OnyFans content - Molly Sims

  10. Nice curvy girl OnlyFans account - Emmy Beehz

  11. Best for representation of differently-abled people on OF - Lucy is Loud

  12. A top bikini model - Zayla

1. Bella Bumzy - Best OnlyFans Newcomer


Bella Bumzy proves that if you want an edge over your competitors, you have to start young with whatever you want to do. This particular OnlyFans creator account took no time at all to start hawking her assets to willing subscribers the moment she turned 18, and what amazing assets they are!

For one, Bella belongs to the ever-growing category of Gamer Girl models who like to add a whole lot of tasty sauce to the geek niche. And now that she’s all legal, you can rest assured she won’t be holding back with the content she’ll be releasing to her loyal OnlyFans subscribers.

Oh, and she’s a redhead, too. That just even makes her all the more appealing, if you ask us.

Seriously, though, you should check out this OnlyFans newcomer before she starts to blow up and start raising her membership rates. And with the kind of photos and videos she creates, we won’t be surprised if that day comes sooner rather than later.

Visit her Instagram here

  • Visit her Twitter here

  • 2. Sam Slayre - Best Solo Content Creator On OnlyFans

    of sam

    Visit her Instagram here

  • Doesn’t seem to have a Twitter

  • If you ever wondered what the prototypical Girl Next Door might be up to during her downtime, then look no further than Sam Slayre to satisfy your curiosity. This particular female OnlyFans creator is one of the best OF accounts to follow if you like the “girl crush” genre with a bit of some spice added for good measure.

    Even better, too, is the fact that she remains as an independent content creator to this day, which means that your support goes a long way to helping this top OF account to keep creating content whenever you pay her OnlyFans subscription fee (and at their prices, it’s a steal).

    We won’t be surprised if she signs with a big company one of these days, though. Considering that she has both the face and body of a bona fide female heartthrob, this brunette teen is a shoo-in for big budget videos on the internet.

    Speaking of content, though, Sam is able to provide her OF subscribers with a nice balance between sweet video content, which range from short clips to longer solo performances, and photos that usually come in full image sets.

    Plus, Sam is also open to exclusive and customized content. All you have to do is slide into her DMs to talk about what exactly you want and we’re sure you guys can work something out. Tip: she’ll reply faster if you send her a paid OF message.

    3. Cup of Carli - Most Affordable OnlyFans Account

    of cupofcarli

    Visit her Instagram here

    Visit her Twitter here

    It’s a sad truth that OnlyFans has become nothing but a blatant cash-grab to some “content creators” out there (we’re looking at you, celebs). Thankfully, there are legitimate independent OnlyFans accounts like Cup of Carli’s that stays true to the platform’s purpose: to provide smaller businesses with a place where they can do the things they love and make a living from it with the help of their followers.

    As such, you’re going to find that Carli only charges the minimum amount if you want to be one of her exclusive OF subscribers. This will give you access to a bevy of image sets and video content that she’s uploaded, with more added every day.

    Don’t misunderstand, though: we’re not talking about exclusive content and customized stuff here (though she provides those, too, at very reasonable rates). We’re specifically pointing to how amazing her general content is, as she doesn’t pull any punches whenever she produces one of her clips or modeling sets.

    To cap it all off, Carli isn’t too blatant when it comes to showing her skin for her fans. She has a more subtle approach that you can appreciate even if you’ve become weary of the old “teasy” content you might find from other OnlyFans creators.

    4. Kacy Black - Best OnlyFans Content Creator Of 2021

    of kacy

    Visit her Instagram here

    Visit her Twitter here

    Whether you’re reading this in 2021 or sometime into the future, there’s no denying this: something special happened on OnlyFans the moment Kacy Black set up her account and decided to make exclusive content for her online followers in the form of photos and videos.

    On one hand, we’re so happy that you can still experience Kacy as a bona fide independent OF model. On the other hand, though, we’re still befuddled by the fact that a large video production company still hasn’t swooped in and added her enormous talents to their ranks.

    Perhaps one of the things we love the most—and we’re sure that you will, too— about this OnlyFans female creator is how she covers so many categories, though she most obviously fits into the petite teen niche.

    Such is the case that her OnlyFans content also refuses to be pigeonholed. In one photo set, she could be the Girl Next Door or Daddy’s Little Girl, then flip the script a full 180 on her next post content by being this more mature, wily Seductress.

    All in all, you won’t be mistaken to think that Kacy takes risks whenever she delves into new territory. And the best part? Each shot she takes sinks it fabulously, resulting in topnotch quality content that not even the most well-known OF celebrities can match.

    Suffice it to say that you’re missing out on tons of great stuff if you’re still not subscribed to this top performer!

    5. Daisy Dray - Best for Exclusive Photo Content

    of daisy

    Visit her Instagram here

  • Visit her Twitter here

  • With hot Latina looks reminiscent of a certain pop star, Daisy Dray is undeniably one of the best OnlyFans accounts to follow right now.

    She’s not all looks, though, because Daisy knows that you’re paying good money to subscribe to her OF content creator account. And this is why she keeps all her post updates 100 all the time.

    You’re going to find that she provides her followers with a nice mix of single photos, full image sets, and video content—not to mention that she also regularly posts updates for maximum fan engagement on OnlyFans.

    And make no mistake, either: these aren’t just your usual selfies or mirror shots; Daisy knows how to accentuate her assets with the use of some great production values in the content that she provides her fans.

    If you ask us, she’s definitely one of our top 5 female OnlyFans creators when it comes to photo content. The way she provides images that are both sexy and innocent at the same time is a sight to behold. It also doesn’t hurt that her subscription rates aren’t that high.

    What more can we ask for?

    6. Maria Moobs - Best For Live Video Content

    of maria

    Visit her Instagram here

  • Visit her Twitter here

  • Maria Moobs is one of those uncommon female OnlyFans creators that don’t stay squarely on the beaten path. By that, we mean that she’s the kind of content creator who’s able to provide her fans with more than the usual OnlyFans fare of photos, videos, and post updates.

    In addition to those, she ups the intimacy and fan engagement with her followers by going on scheduled live online video chats with them.

    As such, it goes without saying that Maria is the best OnlyFans account to follow if you want content that has more intimacy to it. Her exclusive live shows don’t just entertain you with her performance; she actually takes the time to communicate with as many of her followers as she can.

    In cases where you miss her scheduled live cam shows, don’t worry: Maria almost always records her performances and releases them as exclusives that you can either purchase or watch for free (if she posts it as general content).

    And just like any great OF content creator, this independent performer is also more than happy to provide you some joy with both her natural assets and talents through customized content. Just hit her up with a message to find out all the details.

    If you can get over the fact that “moobs” is often used to refer to “man-boobs” on overweight men, then Maria Moobs could be your next favorite OF model!

    MORE ON:

    7. Haley Brooks - Best OnlyFans Account For Short Videos

    of haley

    Visit her Instagram here

  • Visit her Twitter here

  • Yes, a full-length feature is all well and good, but sometimes you just want a quick fix to get you through the day. Well, that’s exactly what Haley Brooks is able to provide.

    And then some!

    Not only will you be getting some of the best short video clips from this top OnlyFans account, but each and every one of them has been done with quality in mind. By that, we mean that there’s not one bit of those ungainly shaky cam gimmicks here; it’s all steady and clear.

    Haley is the perfect OF account to stan if you’re the kind of person who’s heavily into the “luxury” and “high life” genre, because most of her stuff—though not exclusively— fit right smack dab in that niche.

    Much like an expert Zoomer, you’re going to find that Haley’s video content is short and sweet. Simply put, it’s a classic case of quality over quantity. And believe us when we say that she’s got quality in spades, from her looks right down to the video resolution of her clips.

    In addition to that, Haley’s also great at fan engagement. She posts daily on her OF account and, as expected from the platform, they’re for her subscribers’ eyes only!

    8. Riley Kwums - A Top Curvy OnlyFans Content Creator

    of riley

    Visit her Instagram here

  • Visit her Twitter here

  • If you thought that OnlyFans was all about gratuitous showings of skin, then you probably need to rethink your views once you meet Riley Kwums. Or, even better, subscribe to her account (it’s a very affordable subscription).

    Riley is one of those OnlyFans creators who manages to both entertain AND provide newcomers to the platform with some heavy dose of positivity by way of providing inspiration through her body-positive content.

    For one, she’s a curvy girl: that alone is enough to explain how much representation she’s able to provide heavier sisters out there in the world. Oh, and there’s no question that she does this by giving you some of the most visually attractive content on OnlyFans that you can see right now.

    Riley’s OnlyFans content, be they exclusive ones or general post updates, are a nice mix of photos and videos. Regardless of the kind of stuff she releases, though, they have a couple of mutual characteristics: they’re both highly entertaining and absolutely worth the membership fees or charges she might levy.

    The production values on both her videos and photos are high, and she even sometimes dons saucy outfits that will keep you coming back for more.

    And if you want her all to yourself, then you can always commission her for customized content. Regardless if you want a single photo, a full image set, or a video clip, all you have to do is send her a private message on OnlyFans to work a deal out.

    Hey, you can even go for a paid OF message if you want her to reply faster!

    9. Molly Sims - Best Themed Content On OnlyFans

    of molly

    Visit her Instagram here

  • Visit her Twitter here

  • Molly Sims is, in our humble opinion, the queen of themed content on OnlyFans right now. So much so, that we’re even looking forward to the day when she starts releasing DIY videos about how she manages to create some of the most elaborate sets to record her videos and take her photos.

    She also doesn’t discriminate when it comes to providing her OF subscribers with this kind of quality: both her general followers and exclusive content patrons get the same type of topnotch production values from whatever she creates.

    Molly also just becomes all the more appealing when you find out that she’s not all about nice poses and visual appeal; this girl has got all the talent to back it up, too. Now, we’re not in the habit of spoiling things, but rest assured that Molly is the kind of exhibitionist that will make even cirque du soleil performers weep when they watch one of her videos.

    As a top independent OnlyFans account, Molly is also open to lending her talents in the form of customized content that she can create for your eyes only. You have the preset choice between photos and videos here, but if you have something else in mind (perhaps a real-life performance?), then all you have to do is ask her.

    10. Emmy Beehz - Best All-Natural OnlyFans Account

    of emmy

    Visit her Instagram here

    Visit her Twitter here

    The internet has a way of glamorizing everything, and it honestly just gets boring at times. That’s where an OnlyFans creator like Emmy Beehz comes in: she’s the kind of OF model who doesn’t rely on luxurious props to make her content pop. Instead, it’s all about her natural charisma and fine homegrown physique.

    From her demeanor right down to her fashion sense, you can easily tell that Emmy is the kind of OnlyFans account that manages to perfectly balance the sweet and sexy appeal of Girls Next Door with more mature themes.

    Specifically speaking about the type of exclusive content that she produces for her fans, you’re going to find that Emmy leans more toward photos and image sets, which she releases on a regular basis for her OF followers.

    Make no mistake, though: she also has some videos and short clips available. You can find these both as occasional general content that she posts or as pre-recorded exclusive videos that you can purchase separately from her account.

    And when it comes to exclusivity, nothing says it better than having Maria create a personalized image set or video for you, which she can totally provide. Don’t be shy and just send her a message to hash out the details on what customized stuff you want from her.

    11. Lucy is Loud - Most Inspirational OnlyFans Account

    of lucy

    Visit her Instagram here

  • Visit her Twitter here

  • It takes a certain kind of confidence to turn what other people might think as your “weakness” into one of your primary strengths, and that’s exactly what this top OnlyFans account was able to do. Lucy is Loud is one of the rare talents on OF who manage to cater to the even rarer “differently abled” category of content.

    By that, we mean that this girl is mute/deaf. And whereas others see a disability, Lucy saw an opportunity to turn her deafness into perhaps one of the most inspiring stories on OF.

    She’s become one of the best newcomers—and our money’s on the fact that she’ll eventually be one of OF’s top earners soon— ever since she started making videos and photos for her OF subscribers.

    Keeping true to the way she turns her differently abled status into a selling point, even her OnlyFans name is a nod to how she manages to overcome her status as a deaf girl. She even jokes about it by describing herself as the “loudest deaf girl on OnlyFans”, and believe us when we say that her videos are best watched at full volume.

    Her OnlyFans space is full of fun and positivity, so if you need that boost that makes you appreciate life and appreciate Lucy even more, then head on over to this girl’s OnlyFans account and grab yourself a subscription. They’re priced sweetly, too!

    12. Zayla - Best Mature OnlyFans Content

    of zayla

    Visit her Instagram here

    Visit her Twitter here

    Zayla is the best OnlyFans account out there if you have a certain fondness for mature women. Not only that, but we’d be lying if we told you that she’s not one of the best bikini models on OnlyFans right now.

    Whether you have a deep appreciation for all things “mommy” or you like looking at great bikinis in the name of fashion, you can’t go wrong with what this OF content creator has to offer.

    And given that she falls within the “Glamorous Mom” category, you can rest assured that you won’t find any amateur hour work from her photos and videos: they’re all done with a sense of class and a certain intimacy to them that you can’t find anywhere else.

    The Best OnlyFans Account Runners-up

    There’s a small—and we mean small—chance that the top picks we prepared for you might not be to your liking. Don’t worry, though, because here we have an exhaustive list of other OnlyFans accounts featuring some great content.

    Sure, they may not have made our top picks, but they’re worth checking out!

    1. Emma Magnoliaxo— popular teen OnlyFans content creator

    2. Natalie Monroe— a daredevil who can do anything for her OF subscribers

    3. Dana Dearmond— the bubbliest and most entertaining OnlyFans content

    4. Lexi Belle— she’s world-famous as a performer, and now she’s doing things her way on OnlyFans

    5. Jordyn Woods — a well-rounded celebrity OF creator with decent content

    6. DoubleDBoatGirl — has one of the best physical assets on OnlyFans

    7. Sophie Dee — a top performer on OF who specializes in customized stuff

    8. Mia Malkova — this OnlyFans account proves that there are celebrities who actually love their fans

    9. Megan Barton Hanson — from popular reality TV show star to one of OnlyFans’ most daring accounts

    10. Jem Wolfie — combines fitness and sensuality in one nice OF package

    11. Kanricos — one of the top cosplay content creators on OnlyFans

    12. KarmaRX — not sticking to internet videos anymore, KarmaRX is now a true OnlyFans star

    13. Larsa Pippen — one of the most popular video content creators on OF

    14. Mia Khalifa — she had a short stint as an internet video star, now she’s all independent on OnlyFans

    15. Erica Mena — another top reality TV star who’s become an OnlyFans content creator

    16. Pia Mia — perfect OnlyFans account for dance videos

    17. Amber Rose — she mixes hotness with some undeniably impressive physical flexibility

    18. Blac Chyna — decent OnlyFans content in spite of overrated status as a celeb

    19. Belle Delphine — one of the most notorious cosplayers you can find on OF

    20. Riley Reid — a pornstar OF account with great customized content for fans

    21. Kaya — very interactive with heaps of fan engagement

    22. Jewelz Blu — no holds barred exclusive adult video content

    23. Tana Mongeau —OnlyFans creator who is also popular on Youtube

    24. Jessica Nigri — another great cosplayer who shows skin on OnlyFans

    25. Mellissa Belle — perfect OnlyFans account for fans of retro content

    26. Cardi B — basic OnlyFans account for fans of basic content (and/or WAPs)

    27. Kendra Sutherland — top model performing on OnlyFans right now

    28. Ginny Potter — great option for people who like “mommy” content

    29. Bhad Bhabie — OnlyFans creator making money off of being an uncontrollable teen


    Your OnlyFans Creator Questions Answered

    What kind of stuff can I get from OnlyFans creators?

    With Only a handful of years under its belt, OnlyFans has undeniably become the top content sharing site for any kind of individual who wants to create digital photos, videos, and any other product or service they can think of that’s made exclusively for their, well, fans.

    Makes sense!

    There are millions of creators right now, and more joining the site with each passing day, so you’re going to find that the content that’s mostly produced for and released on OF are videos, photos, and post updates (the kind you see on social media).

    These range a wide selection of genres and categories, from clean-cut ones that help you with

    DIY projects to more adult-oriented 18+ content.

    In addition to that, some OnlyFans content creators also offer exclusive physical products that they sell to their subscribers. These include physical images (prints, posters, and polaroids) to other more exotic stuff like underwear and used bathwater (we’re looking at you - Belle Delphine).

    Where can I find the right OnlyFans account to follow?

    If there’s one glaring flaw with OnlyFans, it’s the fact that they don’t have a dedicated search engine to help you discover the right OnlyFans creator to subscribe to. And by the looks of it, OF doesn’t have any plans of adding one anytime soon for a variety of reasons.

    In any case, there are two ways with which you can find your favorite celebrity, independent content creator, or internet personality:

    #1 - Third-Party Search Engines

    There are numerous third-party search engines like OnlySearch which are designed to scour OF’s database in order to categorize them and provide you with results based on your queries.

    Some of these tools are free, while some can be bought for a price. Choose the one you think is most useful for you.

    #2 - Social Media & Link Trees

    In cases where you already know who to follow but don’t know if they have an OnlyFans account, you can always check out their other social media pages. These people usually post direct links to their OnlyFans account, which you just need to click in order to be led to them.

    Many OF creators will also have a LinkTree (or similar) on their Twitter bio - this provides you with links to their profile on various websites, such as cam sites and OnlyFans.

    #3 - Cam Sites & Adult Sites

    A lot of the time, you’ll discover an OF creator through their adult content on other platforms and websites such as Reddit, Chaturbate and other live cam or adult content sites.

    If you spy someone you like, check out their profile and see if they have an OnlyFans - most of the time, they will!

    Are there free OnlyFans accounts I can subscribe to?

    Yes, there are. Some OnlyFans creators waive their basic subscription fee for general content entirely, just like the best free hookup sites. However, you’re more likely only going to find teasers and previews from accounts that don’t charge any subscription fees, since these accounts make money from exclusive and personalized content that you purchase separately.

    Still, it’s worth checking out.

    I mean, come on: it’s not like you’re paying anything for a subscription to these free accounts, right? Think of them as a way of dipping your toes into their content. And if you like what you see, then feel free to pay for one of their exclusive videos, image sets, or commission them for customized content.

    It’s Time to Get that OnlyFans Account Subscription

    With an overwhelming number of OnlyFans creators popping up every day and making content for their subscribers, we understand how difficult it is to look for the perfect models and performers who are worth the coin.

    Thankfully, OF creators like Kacy Black, Sam Slayre, Maria Moobs, Lucy is Loud, and all the others are there to give you the content you deserve.

    These are some of the top independent OnlyFans models around, and they make sure that each photo or video clip that they provide their followers have the highest quality in them.

    And given that OnlyFans doesn’t have a search engine that you can use to find the right creator, this list is pretty much a blessing for anyone looking for topnotch post updates and general content.

    With that, we’re just going to tell you to support independent OnlyFans creators any way you can. And, of course, enjoy their content while you do!

    Have a great time!


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