Poll: Would You Rather Be Snooki, Lilo, Britney Or Vienna?

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Poll: Would You Rather Be Snooki, Lilo, Britney Or Vienna?

Our friends at TheFrisky.com posed their readers an interesting pop culture dilemma with this interesting question last month: Which troubled celebrity starlet would you most want to trade places with?

The options: teen mom/abstinence spokesperson Bristol Palin; the nipped-and-tucked reality personality Heidi Montag; kooky pop star Britney Spears; The Bachelor drama magnet Vienna Girardi; Jersey hell-raiser Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and Lindsay Lohan, whose own troubles have been well-documented right here on RadarOnline.com.

The Web site’s estimated 3 million monthly visitors voted, and the results are now in.

And the winner goes to … (unfolds envelope) … Britney Spears, as 38 percent of readers said they’d trade places with the loaded songstress, who overcame a few years of craziness for a big comeback on her 2009 Circus tour.

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Second place went to Snooki (24.97 percent), the Jersey Shore starlet whose celebrity has blown up in less than a year’s time, as the Web site dubbed her “well-liked, and kind of adorable.”

Next up was Vienna (17.28 percent), who doesn’t have hunky Jake Pavelka anymore, but might have a burgeoning career in reality TV with her sexy look and polarizing personality.

And then there was LiLo (8.38 percent), the one time “It Girl” whose seemed destined for Hollywood greatness until a litany of incidents sent her from the red carpet to an orange jumpsuit (not literally, but you get the idea).

Palin and Montag both rounded out the poll with just more than 5 percent a piece, and judging from the male baggage they’re anchored with, we’re surprised they did that well.

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