Dance Your Way To Fitness: Kymaro Rhythm Rocker

Karina smirnoff 110.jpg
Dance Your Way To Fitness: Kymaro Rhythm Rocker

Bored with your work out routine? Then you might want to try the exercise machine Karina Smirnoff uses to keep herself in shape since DWTS (and rumor has it that she may be back for the Fall season!)

The infomercial-based fitness product, available nation wide, replaces boring workouts with routines like  “Rockin’ Latin”, “Crunchin’ Hip Hop” and “Rollin’ Belly Dance Moves” for a total body work-out.

The machine is said to teach you how to do all the moves properly so you trim your waist and “develop shapely shoulders and arms while learning some of the hottest dance moves!” Since you get to sit for this work-out

You sit for the entire work-out and the Rhythm Rocker’s EZ-grip handles allow you to create your own level of resistance by leveraging your body weight against the tilting action of the seat.

$99 at Rhythm Rocker Kymaro