VIDEO: Rozlyn Papa Denies Having Sex With Bachelor Producer; Implies Host Chris Harrison Is A Cheater

Feb. 22 2010, Published 7:48 a.m. ET

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The claws were out on The Bachelor Women Tell All Special when the twenty three women Jake Pavelka kicked off the show returned to face off against one another and the man whose heart they went on the show to win. One fiery highlight: the return of Rozlyn Papa who left the show because of an alleged relationship with a producer.

AUDIO: ABC Ramps Up Charges Against The Bachelor's Rozyln And She Fires Back

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Chris Harrison opened the evening’s discussion on the controversy saying, “there is one topic we’re gonna discuss tonight, this 10,000-pound elephant in the room. Let’s talk about Rozlyn. I just want facts.”

Gia, who roomed with Papa, put it simply: “I don’t know if something sexual went on, but something definitely went on…I could see where she was and where she wasn’t and she was not in the bedroom at night. She was not sleeping there.”

Ashleigh happily chimed in, “Chris, the truth of the story is that several of us witnessed so many things throughout the house that was just inappropriate…the cuddling and the kissing on the forehead. They weren’t hiding anything and if they were trying to, they were really bad at it.” She admitted she and other females complained about it.

Jessie claimed that she saw Rozlyn and the producer making out and Ella described a bizarre moment of walking in on Rozlyn on all fours with her butt sticking out. “She said, ‘If you all see the producer, tell him to come in because I need to be put to bed,” Ella said, causing the crowd to burst into shocked gasps and snickers.

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When Rozlyn walked out, the crowd politely clapped though many of them (including the other contestants) had scowls on their face. “What is true, in your mind?’ Harrison asked her. “Our friendship started when he came to Richmond,” Papa said. “There was nothing inappropriate about it.” She maintained that nothing physical happened between them and that it was simply a friendship. Harrison questioned why Papa didn’t speak up more and deny the allegations. Papa said she believed they were referencing her struggle with the crew over calling her son- a claim dismissed by the other contestants who are single mothers.

“What is this physical relationship, I would like to know about it please,” Papa said. After a commercial break, they delved right in with Harrison opening the floor to the other contestants who quickly supplied details. “You guys are so silly, come on,” Papa said to their claims. “On my child’s life, that never happened,” she said after one girl mentioned spotting her and the producer making out.

“What I am saying, is the truth. I can’t put pieces together,” Papa said, questioning how the cameras had missed this supposed controversy. “I will say, just for everyone…you know very well, as do these women, that we don’t shoot you 24/7,” Harrison responded. “There is a lot of down time…the producers know, especially if it’s an overnight producer, where and when the cameras will be.”

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Papa said she and the producer have “remained friends” and has even been to her hometown- with his dad. “Show of hands, any producers or parents swing by your house since you’ve been gone,” Harrison asked the other ladies as the crowd giggled. Though Papa fired back at Harrison, claiming the producer said the host hit on his wife in New Zealand (“I clearly will not dignify that with a response,” Harrison said), Harrison ended the tense showdown with: “I hope you will become a better person from this…I wish you the best.”

There were many explanations made by the women: Ashleigh admitted that she planned her first night fall into Jake’s arm and Elizabeth opened up about her using a no-kiss rule to taunt Jake.

One highlight of the female discards was Michelle who was discarded during the middle of a date for her seemingly “psycho” and controlling behavior. “I really think that she doesn’t need a husband, she needs a therapist first,” Elizabeth said during that episode, summing up everyone’s perception of Michelle.

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“I was hoping there would be a connection there with that kiss…I wear my heart on my sleeve, I have no regrets,” she told Harrison after watching her montage. “I’m stable,” she said, which caused the crowd to laugh in disbelief.

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Time was also spent on the other two frontrunners who didn’t make it to the top two: Gia and Ali. After a recap of her time on the show, a teary-eyed Gia sat across from Chris Harrison to reflect. “It’s tough, it still gets me. I never showed him how I felt,” she explained. “I was scared the whole time.” The New York girl was thankful for the experience though. “I really learned how to express myself…next guy that I meet, I am telling him how I feel…I’m going to let it all out.”

Ali was also teary-eyed as she watched her video summary. “It’s really hard to watch,” she said. “It really was one of the most emotional things I ever had to go through. I miss him sometimes so it’s hard to watch.” She also buried the hatchet with Vienna. “I look back on that and I am disappointed in my actions that night,” she admitted when she reflected on her reaction to Vienna’s one-on-one date with Jake. “I think all of us as people even need to be supportive of Vienna because she’s getting trashed in the tabloids. She’s a person, we all lived with her…no one deserves that,” Ali continued. “Vienna, if you’re watching, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the things that I said. I’m sorry it turned out that way. Stay strong.” Knowing what she knows now, Ali would choose love over work in the future. “But I would have come back and fought like hell to get that job back,” the feisty blonde added with a laugh.

While Jake finally came on the show in the end, it was nearly anti-climactic (even with his “my heart was crying” apology to Gia and his admission that Ali’s departure “hit about a 10” in pain) after such a drama-filled episode!

While he wouldn’t reveal the last woman standing, Jake did give one hint about his post-finale life: “Yes, I am happy.”


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