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The Real Housewives Of New York City's Alex McCord - No Topic Is Off Limits!

Feb. 26 2010, Published 5:20 a.m. ET

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Third time is definitely a charm for The Real Housewives of New York City. The juicy third season premieres on Thursday, March 4th at 11pm ET on Bravo and according to driven housewife Alex McCord, “This is our best season yet. All of us are wiping the drool off our mouths, saying, ‘I can’t wait to see what airs!’”  Well, neither can we! So, when we caught up with Alex—best known for her tight-knit marriage to the eccentric Simon and as a mother of two rambunctious children—she was ready to dish. From how fellow housewife Bethenny is handling her pregnancy to her relationship with past season rivals Ramona and Jill, this usually reserved housewife did not hold back. So read on for the ultimate preview on what’s to come for the sassiest, sauciest and most dramatic women of New York City!

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RADARONLINE.COM: There’s so much to ask you about, it’s hard to pick a place to begin. The last time the world saw you was on the season two reunion. It seemed that you really held your own and called the other ladies out in a way we never saw on the show. Would you agree?

ALEX MCCORD: Sometimes, when they show snippets of people and it’s just kind of edited, some people can look a little one note.  One thing that anybody who knows me knows is true of me is that I am very verbal and very analytical and, usually, tend to watch carefully and then give my assessment of the situation. Obviously, I don’t know what’s going to be on season three since I haven’t seen it yet, but there was a lot of that this season.

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RADARONLINE.COM: Do you think as the show evolves each season that each housewife’s true colors start to show?

ALEX MCCORD: When you do a show with the same group of women over three years, everybody’s facades fall away whether it is something that they’ve created for themselves or if it’s been a product of editing.  You can run, but you can’t hide.  And I think eventually, everyone’s true self comes out. And I feel like in the third season, that’s very true for me and everybody else, frankly.

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RADARONLINE.COM: So with that said, what can we expect in season three?

ALEX MCCORD: (laughing) Well, there were multiple times where I had the opportunity to say what I thought and I always did.  And, who knows what’s going to make it, but I’m really excited to see season three and see how they put it together.  There’s, literally, so much going on that they could probably make multiple feature films out of it. 

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Alex McCord Shops For Lingerie:

RADARONLINE.COM: You’ve been through a lot of changes personally since season two ended—you were laid off from Victoria’s Secret—so are we going to see what you’re up to professionally on the show?

ALEX MCCORD: Yes, this season there’s a lot of me working. Before, I was working for a large retail company so I couldn’t film at work. You see me working with my clients. One of them is Second Time Around—a high end designer consignment store. 

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RADARONLINE.COM: And we assume they’ll be lots of Simon and the kids?

ALEX MCCORD:  Yes, and one of the things that’s really interesting just for Simon and for me, personally, is to see our kids growing season after season. That’s one of the reasons that I wanted to do the show in the first place, as did he, is to sort of have a living video album of our kids as they grow.

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RADARONLINE.COM: Well, now that fellow housewife Bethenny Frankel is pregnant—have you given her any parenting advice?

ALEX MCCORD: Well, let me start by saying that I am so thrilled for Bethenny.  She’s got a good head on her shoulders.  The thing about becoming a mom is approaching it the right way. That’s going with your instincts and doing what you feel is right based on the advice that you get from every angle. I see her just kind of naturally adapting to her state which I think is great.

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Real NY Housewife Bethenny Frankel Pregnant:

RADARONLINE.COM: And you and Simon have a parenting book due out this spring—tell us about that!

ALEX MCCORD: Our book comes out April 6th and it’s called Little Kids, Big City. It’s written with a sense of humor.  It’s not a comedy book, but at the same very sarcastic, and very verbal and we tell stories; insane things the kids have done and we’ve done – times when we wanted to high-five each other and times when we wanted to light each other on fire and run away screaming. Simon and I never wanted to have kids. It sounds crazy, but we didn’t.  We changed our minds about three years after we got married.  We just slowly realized that we both wanted kids, and we jumped into to it full kilt.

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RADARONLINE.COM: The other women are so judgmental of your relationship with Simon. Why do you think that is?

ALEX MCCORD: Well, I can only speak from what I know and that is that Simon and I have a relationship that’s really, really equal and we’re very comfortable with each other.  People always try to psychoanalyze that.  I think they always think that there’s something nefarious at work when there really isn’t.  The best way I can describe it is he and I are like runners in a relay race and we pass the baton back and forth.  And sometimes, he has it and he’s controlling things and sometimes, I have it and I’m controlling things, but we’re not controlling each other.

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RADARONLINE.COM: Why do you think he gets Ramona so crazy?      

ALEX MCCORD: (laughing) Oh, my gosh. Well, you’re going to have to see what happens this season, seriously.  But, I think that when you go into an experience like this and you don’t know each other very well and people say, ‘Oh, this person is this way and that person is that way,’ and you have expectations that someone’s going to be in your way—it takes a while to get over that and realize who they really are.

Bethenny Frankel
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RADARONLINE.COM: Have you tried Ramona’s skincare line?

ALEX MCCORD: Yes, I have.  And you know what? I have to tell you, I don’t know if it’s a great analogy or what, but I felt a difference. I use it at night.  And one thing that I noticed, I told Ramona this the other day, is that I have pretty clear skin, but every once in a while I’ll get a breakout. But, my problem is that after the breakout’s gone, there’s redness for three weeks or so. And the cream is helping with that so I say kudos to Ramona.

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RADARONLINE.COM: We hear that LuAnn has a song that she’s recording—have you heard it?

ALEX MCCORD: I heard it once and I heard her sing it live.  I haven’t heard the recorded version yet.

RADARONLINE.COM: There was a lot of tension at the beginning of last season between you and Jill . . . how are things now?

ALEX MCCORD: There are patterns of behavior that people go back to over and over again.  On that note, I’m going to say that I stayed very open over the last year and I always give people chances.  It’s going to be a very interesting season.

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RADARONLINE.COM: So, the conflict resumes?

ALEX MCCORD:  Let me say this. I’ve always spoken from the heart, whether I’m giving someone a second chance, or whether I’m angry at them, or whether I’m calling them out or whatever it is.  And everything that we filmed for season three, I am comfortable with.  There are times when I really made an effort.  At all times, I was making an effort whether it was an effort to smooth over, or understand, or get clear or get things off my chest.  I held nothing back, so we’ll see what it looks like.

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RADARONLINE.COM: Two new housewives joined the cast this season—Sonja Morgan and Jennifer Gilbert. What was it like to add new women to the dynamic?

ALEX MCCORD:  Well, it’s always interesting when you put new people into the mix and I feel definitely like I made one new friend. That’s not to say that I didn’t become friendly with the other but I think that Sonya is so much fun.  You know what I love about her?  She is happy and I love that. I like happy people because I’m happy and sometimes, I think that’s what some people don’t like about me.

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RADARONLINE.COM: Have you become friendly with any of the other Housewives from other cities? Exclusive Video Blog: Atlanta Housewive Kim Zolciak Hits Hollywood:

ALEX MCCORD:  I adore Caroline from New Jersey. It’s funny because New Jersey and Atlanta are the shows that I’ve watched the least. So, I don’t really know what’s on the show but I see Caroline a lot because she’s in the city a lot and we’ve done press together so, I’m really going off the person, rather than the show. 

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RADARONLINE.COM: Now that you’ve done this for three seasons and Bethenny is getting her own show—do you and Simon want a spin-off too?

ALEX MCCORD: Let’s see what happens. I’m thrilled for Bethany that she’s gotten her own show.  Certainly, there’s a lot of pressure because you don’t have an ensemble cast but let’s see what the future brings.

RADARONLINE.COM:  Did it cause any jealousy with the other ladies that Bethenny was singled out?

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ALEX MCCORD:  I don’t want to speak for anybody else.  I can tell you that I was thrilled for her and I felt it was a natural progression.  I think it’s awesome.  But, knowing what I know of the other cast mates, I’m sure there was a little of that, but I think there was also a lot of being happy for her as well.

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RADARONLINE.COM: And then there are those Atlanta housewives that fight in a hardcore way unlike any other cast—even New Jersey and New York!

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ALEX MCCORD:  The Atlanta season is the one that I’ve watched the least. But, I’ve seen a lot of the ladies and I think that part of it is that there were issues of personal safety that came up. Certainly in New York, we spar with each other, but no one’s worried that anyone’s going to show up on our doorstep in the middle of the night. The worst that we ever had in New York was somebody slugging their boyfriend . . . allegedly!

Season 3 Starts Up Thursday, March 4th 11/10c on Bravo.



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