Michelle Duggar Protest Has Locals Up In Arms

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Michelle Duggar Protest Has Locals Up In Arms

Just days after giving birth to a premature baby, and as that baby lay in the ICU, Michelle Duggar was protesting a nearby EZ Mart’s request for a beer license. And local residents aren’t happy about it, slamming the mom of 19 children.

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The newest addition to the Duggar household, Josie Brooklyn, was born December 11th. Josie was a premature baby and born at just 1 pound 6 ounces. But just days after her birth her famous mom was at the offices of the Alcohol Beverage Control testifying.

Duggar, reportedly in tears, told the ABC that she did not want alcohol in her town, going on to tell local news station 40/29, ” Personally, I don’t think alcohol needs to be convenient. I think it needs to be placed in a place where adults can get to it and they will have a choice to get it. But our children should not be bombarded with that. It’s so close to home.”

Local residents are up in arms slamming Duggar on 40/29’s website.

“hmmm…here is a thought for Mrs.Dugger [sic]… get fixed already… I understand one wanting children…but by the gods…enough is enough. have children… but not a dang football team..sheesh,” revlarrypetersenjr writes.

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“Must be nice to be a one-woman killer of someone else’s livelihood. Why should the convenience store owner have his income limited because of her say-so? Does she not trust that the indoctrination that they are giving their brood isn’t strong enough and her kids will be alcoholics? Maybe she sees them going that way already? No one’s taking the food out of their 21 big mouths, why is it her business to take the food out of the hard working store owner’s mouth and his family?” writes Zidd.

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“Good grief, you would think being a brood mare would be enough to keep this woman busy. Oh wait, thats what her other kids are for, to raise their siblings. I guess thats why she has time to pop out a kid or two every year and still try and push her notion of so called morality onto others. Obviously having a preemie baby sick in the hospital is not enough publicity for her, she has to go looking for more. That is very sad and disturbing,” comments a reader calling themselves Zares.

“Last we all heard, Mrs. Duggar was in the hospital along with her new baby, but instead she is out & about, protesting a gas station from being able to sell alcohol,” a local resident tells RadarOnline.com. “Arkansas has several dry counties -selling alcohol is a big deal around here. People around here are not happy at Michelle.”