Click It With Clipa

Click It With Clipa

Like most gals, I own numerous handbag clips, meant to keep our purse off a sticky floor. Problem is, you can never find it when you want it, right?
So this Clipa gadget is pure genius.

Designed to work with today’s larger, heavier handbags, it keeps your Coach / Fendi / tokidoki purse off a sticky floor. (My husband calls mine my bag “luggage” just to give you an idea of what we’re testing.)
I’ve used my Clipa in restaurants, bars, bathrooms and poolside (hanging from a chair.) It looks like a large clip and I attach it to the side grommet on my purse so it’s handy. Some girls with more fashion sense dress theirs up with scarfs.

For $24.95, it’s a small price to pay to protect your handbag! Buy yours at