Legal Battle of Wizard of Oz Actor’s Estate

Legal Battle of Wizard of Oz Actor’s Estate

Mickey Carroll, famous as the Town Crier Munchkin from the Wizard of Oz, died on Sunday but unfortunately he still can’t rest in peace. Currently his niece is suing his former caretaker over the $1 million estate left behind.

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In the papers, Carroll’s (whose real name is Michael Finocchiaro) niece Janet claims his caretaker Linda Dodge had him sign a Power of Attorney allowing her to control his assets even though Carrol was already suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s. “Dodge, acting in her own best interest, has severed communications with relatives,” the papers claimed. “Dodge is wasting [Carrol’s] assets and financially exploiting [Carroll] by having him tour and make appearances for money which Dodge then retained for her purposes.”

Click on the video to watch some disturbing footage of Carroll during his last months when locals attempted to exploit the actor.