Vicki Gunvalson Confronts Brooks Ayers About New Girlfriend Rumors

In a preview for the upcoming episode of the Real Housewives of Orange CountyVicki Gunvalson confronts her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers after Lauri Peterson tells her that Brooks is dating a cocktail waitress, and has the sneak peek.

“So I have to tell you before we went to Canada, Lauri told me that you have been dating somebody else,” Vicki tells Brooks over dinner.

“And so I literally thought somebody socked me in the stomach because I thought you were just doing it to get me jealous. But now I hear the truth that you really are seeing somebody else.”

Brooks claims that these statements are lies.

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“Hear the truth?” he asks. “There’s no truth to that. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Vicki returns, “Well, are you dating a cocktail waitress?”

“No there’s no cocktail waitress,” Brooks replies. “I’m not dating anyone steady at all, okay? I didn’t do anything.”

According to Lauri, Brooks met his new girlfriend at a poker party where he was throwing hundred dollar bills around like it was no big deal.

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Brooks’ response to that?

“Listen, I’m a big tipper,” he says. “I’m trying to stay far away from your group of friends. I don’t need something blown out of proportion again.”

Vicki now believes Brooks and thinks that Lauri lied to her.

“Why am I not going to believe him?” she says.

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“We were broken up. It’s not like he was cheating on me, so he had full rights to say, ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ And he said, ‘No, no, no. Now I know Lauri is lying again.”

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