'I'm Thinking You Got Kicked Out Of Scientology,' Ellen DeGeneres Tells Leah Remini

Leah Remini is appearing on the new season premiere episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday and the conversation naturally turned to the comic actress’ recent departure from Scientology.

After getting Ellen to put on a wacky “As Seen On TV” get-up that had a beverage dispensing tube coming out of a bra, DeGeneres cracked up, “I’m thinking you got kicked out of Scientology!” she joked.

Remini spoke briefly about her decision to leave and the impact it has had on her family.

At the end, Ellen wanted Leah to know she always had a supporter in her; a clear reference to Scienology’s reported practice of cutting off anyone who leaves the controversial organization.

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“You are always welcome here,” Ellen told the new Dancing with the Stars contestant.  “I’m your friend.”

You can watch a sneak peek here:

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