Feud Alert! LeAnn Rimes Sets Up Mother's Day Battle With Brandi Glanville

Mother’s Day is a whole week away but it looks like LeAnn Rimes is already throwing out a challenge to her nemesis, Brandi Glanville.

Mother’s Day vs. Stepmother’s Day: Who Owns It? via @HuffPostDivorce Happy Sunday I really appreciate this article,” Rimes tweeted on Sunday.

Rimes, of course, is stepmom to the two sons her hubby Eddie Cibrian had with his first wife, Glanville, and the country singer apparently wants everyone to be reminded that stepmothers need love too.

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Rimes didn’t mention The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star by name but she was obviously on her mind as Mother’s Day approaches.

As Radar  reported, last year Rimes graciously sent Glanville flowers on Mother’s Day.

Is she feeling less friendly this year?  The article that’s had such an impact on Rimes is one she first read in 2012!

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Do you think stepmoms are under-appreciated on Mother’s Day?  Tell us in comments.

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