Busted! Gwyneth Paltrow’s Estranged Hubby Chris Martin Spotted On Cozy Beer ‘Date’ With Alexa Chung

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Is Chris Martin consciously coupling with a new woman? Despite the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow and her Coldplay hubby spent Mother’s Day together, RadarOnline.com has learned that a reconciliation is definitely not in the cards  because he was recently spotted on an intimate “date” with Alexa Chung!

An eyewitness noticed the Brits together in a New York City bar on May 6, and as the couple got cozy over beers, it certainly didn’t seem like a business meeting.

“When I arrived, about 9:15pm, they were tucked away in a dark corner of the back room of the bar,” a source told Britain’s Heat magazine.

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Martin 37, and Chung, 30, were on what “looked like a date,” according to the report.

“I spotted them straight away and asked Chris ‘Are you a singer?’ He just laughed and said ‘Yes, but not tonight,” the eyewitness said.

Settled down in the speakeasy bar hidden behind a vintage clothing store, Martin and the brunette Chung spent hours alone together that night.

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“He was a really nice guy – he shook my hand and didn’t care that he was being recognized,” the spy said.

Long rumored to have been close to Martin, Chung was more guarded in the bar and “seemed more reluctant to introduce herself,” the insider said. “She didn’t really want to talk.”

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Despite that reticence, the couple seemed relaxed with each other, according to the source, and stayed in the bar until 11:30pm.

“Chris and Alexa seemed to know each other really well. They were both in a great mood and even asked us to watch their bags when they went out for a cigarette,” the source explained. “It definitely looked like a date to me.“

Paltrow, 41, shouldn’t be surprised by the news, since the insider claims she is fully aware of the relationship  and isn’t threatened by the younger woman.

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“She’s been telling people she ‘doesn’t care’ because she’s a big star and Alexa isn’t even on TV anymore,” the insider said.

For her part, laid-back Chung seems happy to take things slow with the married father-of-two.

“Alexa’s being very cool, chilled and understanding, letting him have his space and deal with his soon-to-be-ex-wife until they’ve filed the divorce papers,” the source said. “She doesn’t want to hassle or pressure him in any way.”

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