The Little Couple Cancer Fight: Jen Arnold Reveals Kids Take Focus Away From Pain

Dr. Jen Arnold is fighting a tough battle against cancer but she has two reasons that she is able to deal with the pain of her treatment – her son Will and daughter Zoey.

In this sneak of the upcoming episode of The Little Couple, dad Bill Klein brings the children to visit mom in the hospital.

“My little parade of well-wishers,” he calls them, and says they are typical children: “Very happy about the balloons, not necessarily to give to mom.”

Declaring that she is going to cry, Arnold watches her children with Dwarfism dance with joy in her hospital room.

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“Bringing Will and Zoey into the hospital room turns a very medical environment into just a whole lot of fun. They’re kids and they’re there to have a blast and see mama, that’s great by me. It takes my mind off all the not so fun stuff.”

Diagnosed with a rare Stage 3 cancer, Anrold explains that he greatest strength comes from her two children and they take the “focus away from the medical side or the pain or whatever is that‘s going on helps you get through it better, helps you stay in good spirits.”

Gushing about her tots, Arnold says: “Having Will and Zoey around makes me happy and makes it  a whole lot easier to get through today.”

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The Little Couple airs on Tuesday at 10/9c on TLC.

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