Busting A Move! Leonardo DiCaprio Shows Off WACKY Dancing At Coachella

Leonardo DiCaprio let loose during the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday and started busting some pretty crazy dance moves whilst watching MGMT.

Thankfully, for fans, it was all caught on camera! RadarOnline.com has the footage!

DiCaprio, 39, attempted to go incognito, but concert revelers caught the Wolf Of Wall Street actor completely uninhibited as he performed a high kick and punched the air.

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He even got into a dance-off with a fellow reveller to MGMT’s “Kids” hit.

Although the man’s face isn’t seen in the video, DiCaprio was wearing the same outfit earlier in the day.

The Hollywood star attended the three-day music festival with his new girlfriend, 21-year-old model Toni Garrn.

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Watch the video below and tell us what you think of DiCaprio’s dance moves.

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