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They Had An 'Open' Relationship, 'Moron' Insults & Fighting Over Food — The 5 Latest Developments In Gwyneth Paltrow’s Split From Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are vacationing in the Bahamas as the news of their breakup was released, but as RadarOnline.com has the new details about their low key Hollywood marriage that was in trouble for years, from an “open” marriage, to separations and a disagreement over how to rear their children.  Take a look at the five latest developments in the shocking A-list split.

Many Unhappy Years

Despite tying the knot over 10 years ago, their refusal to appear in public together may have signaled more about their troubled relationship than the recent photos of them together.  “They have been on and off for many years,” a source said about the actress and her Coldplay husband according to People magazine.  “The marriage was falling apart.”  The couple have decamped from their $5 million Los Angeles mansion to first Eleuthra and now Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s private island in the Bahamas where they’re spending time together but her wedding ring has been noticeably absent.

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Gwyneth Picked On Chris

The GOOP queen, known for her outrageous elitist statements turned her privileged opinions toward her husband during their marriage. “Gwyneth would snipe and chis and say things to him like ‘You’re such a moron,’” Us Weekly reported. “Chris couldn’t take it anymore.” The cookbook author, who touts wholesome eating for everyone in the family would reportedly turn her nose up at him but he didn’t fight back.  Paltrow “would totally make fun of the way he ate and what he ordered when they ate out. It was like living with a bossy schoolteacher or etiquette coach. He just took it.”

Two Different Parenting Styles

While their breakup statement claimed that they are “parents first and foremost,” the reality is they have vastly different methods of child rearing.  “They butted heads on parenting,” a source claimed to Us Weekly. Taking her children’s diet to the extreme sometimes, Paltrow and Martin disagreed on what they could and couldn’t eat. “He thought they should just be kids and have ice cream every once in a while.”

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Temptations In The Marriage

Paltrow and Martin have both been plagued by cheating rumors, but according to People magazine they had an “open” relationship.  Spending time apart, with Martin on the road with Coldplay and Paltrow filming movies, the magazine reports: “They were physically separated and emotionally.” As reports claimed that each of them were unfaithful, which they denied, it apparently wasn’t a big deal in the marriage.  “If Chris was playing around Gwyneth didn’t care.”

Both Crave Attention

Being an A-list star has definitely fed Paltrow’s ego, with a source admitting: “Gwyneth is someone that likes attention. There is a narcissism there.” And as a rock star who has had his fair share of groupie attention, Martin wasn’t immune to advances either. “Chris talked to her about temptations on the road. Gwyneth knew girls threw themselves at him.” And the mother of two was no wall-flower during their marriage, according to Us Weekly.  “She would openly flirt with men in front of Chris.”

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Stay with Radar for developments in the Paltrow/Martin split.