Blue Thursday! Becky The Target Of A Colorful Rib In This Week's 'Trailer Park: Welcome To Myrtle Manor'

Trailer park manager Becky might be feeling blue on Trailer Park: Welcome To Myrtle Manor Thursday, and we’ve got a preview of the melee at the mobile home for you right here on

On Thursday’s edition, the Myrtle Manor folks remain battling rival trailer park, Village Creek, and the complex’s pool is at the center of the hijinks.

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In one scene, after the pool reopens after a Village Creek prank, Becky takes the first plunge and emerges from the water looking as blue as Smurfette. Other key storylines to entertain viewers Thursday include a trailer gone missing, and everyone’s theories on what happened to it.

Watch the video on

Trailer Park: Welcome To Myrtle Manor airs Thursdays at 10/9c on TLC.

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