Jake Steinfeld’s Hilarious One-Man Show Will Keep You Laughing — Watch It Here!

Body by Jake founder Jake Steinfeld‘s one-man comedy show, No Expectations, is now available ON DEMAND on Vimeo.

Steinfeld has trained stars like Harrison FordBette Midler and Steven Spielberg and during the show filmed at MGM Hollywood Theater in Las Vegas, he recounts the story of his life growing up in Long Island and the journey he took from going from a fat kid with a stutter to a fitness icon in one hilarious anecdote after another.

First featured exclusively on RadarNo Expectations showcases Steinfeld’s ability to tell the story of the challenges he has faced and overcome during his life in a hugely entertaining way.

“I’m not a joke teller. I’m a storyteller,” he says.

“I am, for example, more like a muscular Billy Crystal! In the show, I talk about my childhood, overcoming adversity—all very relatable stories.”

Check out a clip from his show below or click here to download.

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