Bernie Madoff Struggled In Basic Areas Of Math, Former Cohort Testifies

Bernie Madoff pulled off the largest financial caper in U.S. history, even if he might not have been able to pass pre-algebra.

The NY Post reports that David Kugel, a government witness who admitted to fraud in his dealings with Madoff, said that the flimflam man was not adept with numbers in that regard, as he even “had trouble with long division.”

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Kugel, 68, worked with the now-imprisoned conman since the 70s, and is currently testifying in the New York-based fraud trial of five other Madoff associates.

He told the court that Madoff, at one time, “asked me to do the math to calculate the returns,” adding that “in some aspects,” Madoff could hold his own with numbers.

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Madoff, 75, remains serving a 150-year sentence for his wrongdoings.

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