May The Laughs Be With You! New Star Wars Gag Reel Makes A Splash Online

A new gag reel has hit the web with real footage from the original Star Wars film, and the force is strong with it, as its’ racked up almost 1.8 million views since it was uploaded two days ago.

Among the highlights:

A young, green Harrison Ford messing up his dialogue; Stormtroopers looking like Keystone Cops, slipping on a filthy floor; Mark Hamill (playing Luke Skywalker) trying to decipher the pronunciation of the phrase Supernova; and a special effects malfunction as wheels are seen on Skywalker’s Land-speeder, which is supposed to levitate.

Some of the clip does not have sound.

Watch the video on

The blooper reel initially made its’ debut at this year’s Comic-Con.

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